The new TV QLED have Direct Full Array, Bixby and Ambient Mode functions that optimize image quality, connectivity and design.

Samsung One Invisible Connection

In the event First Look New York, on the American Stock Exchange, Samsung It has unveiled its range of TVs for 2018, revealing details of their models QLED TV star, as well as those of the 4 K UHD range and large format.

There are several new features related to the quality of image and connection possibilities to share content between devices in QLED TV range. Among them, the intelligent function Direct Full Array and redesigned One Invisible Cable have been incorporated. This new range emphasizes design and technology Ambient Mode, camouflaging the TV with the environment.

Samsung also has reaffirmed its commitment with the big inch TVs, with several models of 75 inches or higher, offer that he responds to a demand which grew during 2017.

Samsung QE65 Q9F

Improved features

Samsung QE65 Q9FSpecific for the QLED TV Q9FN series, these TVs powered by contrast Direct Full Array (DFA), a sophisticated structure of Led controlled with precision that offers an impeccable contrast in every scene.

The Ambient Mode technology detects the color or decorative pattern of the wall which lies behind the TV and is camouflaged with this, offering a screen appearance as a result transparent. With the TV off will not be a screen cast in black. In addition, it offers a multitude of information available on screen such as traffic, weather and news. In this way, it becomes the TV in an information centre.

Moreover, with the new invisible Invisible One Cable connection there will only be a cable between TV, external devices, and the power outlet offering a clean and tidy appearance.

One Invisible Cable is the first cable on the market that can transmit to the TV signal and the audio and video with high-capacity data and, in addition, supply current. The cable is made from teflon, a material resistant to heat and long-lasting. It is also equipped with a system of protection that interrupts electric current if the cable is cut, to provide security and improve the life of the product.

Samsung Q7F K

Smart TV 2018

Samsung QE65 Q9FIn addition to the improvements in image quality and design, the Samsung Smart TV 2018 range is more intelligent. The time requiring until now WiFi connect and configure the TV for the first time has been reduced thanks to the Easy Set up, that the initial configuration of the device makes a quick and easy experience.

It allows to automatically synchronize from the password of the WiFi to the applications of the smartphone user, directly on your TV, saving the registry in each of them.
The new Smart TV offer a new guide with various options and more intuitive programming to navigate and access the content, thanks to the Universal Guide.

The new Samsung QLED TV 2018 range also incorporates intelligent platform manufacturer including their mobile devices.

Thus, the QLED TV include language spoken naturally by the user and find content quickly. Thanks to the learning and artificial intelligence technologies incorporated, they learn continuously as they are used.

Through the new application SmartThing smartphones can be synchronized with the TV for easy configuration and access to functions such as programming, the remote control guide or share content between multiple screens.

Range of TV 2018

Samsung QE65 Q9F

The family of Samsung TVs for this anocuenta with a broad portfolio that combines the QLED TV ranges, 4K UHD and big inch. These are available in a variety of sizes and display options flat and bend.

  • QLED TV: 2018 models include Q9F (65 and 75 "), Q8C (55 and 65"), Q8F (55 and 65 "), Q7F (55, 65 and 75") and Q6F (49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 "). QLED TV models offer colors and contrasts enhanced compatibility with HDR10 +, Ambient Mode, Smart TV enhanced with Bixby S-Voice and One Invisible Cable.
  • 4K UHD: In this category, would be the NU8505 series with curved screen (55 and 65 ") and flat (49, 55, 65, 75 and 82"), with features like HDR 1000 and a design without frames. As for the 7 series, there are several options, adapted to each type of consumer, from 40 to 75 ", and common characteristics as Smart TV, HDR 10 + and, from the series 7405, One Remote Control with S-Voice.
  • Large format: 2018 models include Q6FN, NU8005, Q7F and Q9F series with 75 u 82 "screen sizes. These models meet the demand for large-screen TVs for an experience immersive and more shocking

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By • 9 Mar, 2018
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