This team of Vivitek, which is part of the NovoConnect family, encourages participation and collaboration in the classroom, allowing connections from tablets, mobile or laptop via WiFi.

Vivitek NovoCast

NovoCast is a wireless presentation system designed by Vivitek According to the principle of Byod, which allows anyone to connect and share using a Windows device, Mac, Android, iOS, or Chromebook. A team that offers great flexibility and is suitable to be used in the teaching environment.

This solution from Vivitek, which forms part of the NovoConnect family and joins the systems NovoPro and NovoEnterprise, makes wireless presentations optimizing participation, collaboration and exchange of ideas between students and students.

Vivitek NovoCastNovoCast supports up to eight participants and allows that they can connect to a projector or screen flat and instantly share content and collaborate with the main screen wirelessly, without having to rely on the school's network. It allows teachers and students connect from tablets, phones or laptops using WiFi.

The device has a quad display that shows content simultaneously up to four participants, taking visual interaction and Byod in education to the next level.

On the other hand, once the lessons are in operation, the moderator of NovoCast and preview of content features allow students participate in easy and natural way in the discussion, while they give complete control educational about the content that is displayed. This prevents to display inappropriate material during classes.

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By • 14 Mar, 2018
• Section: AV Conferencing, signs distribution, Training