Videowall LCD boat UniSee platform has extended its mounting possibilities and, thanks to Vogel´s stands, now it can be installed on the ceiling, floor or become an independent team.

UniSee Vogels Universal boat

At the end of this month an agreement will be effective reached between Ship Y Vogel’s so UniSee solution can use universal brackets of videowall Vogel´s using an adapter designed ex profeso UniSee videowall is can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the ground or used autonomously.

As already it published in Digital AV Magazinethe platform for video wall LCD, UniSee, was presented at the market last October. A modular solution that offers a structure without frames, high uniformity between panels, higher brightness and optimum reliability.

One of the most innovative features of this platform's boat is specifically designed support structure that uses gravity to align individual screens at any time, ensuring an optimal installation and maintenance easy and fast.

Unisee boat

So far, the only UniSee Mount could be installed in walls, but with the adapter designed especially for this solution can be easily assembled with a solution of videowall Vogel completo Universal, allowing is installed in the ceiling, floor or develop in a independent mounting hardware.

Vogel mount structures are available in versions for installations of the floor to ceiling, fixed to the floor, flooring, free mount, Hung ceiling, ceiling to wall and floor to wall mounting. This provides great flexibility to place the video wall LCD exactly where it is needed.

Boat and Vogel's have teamed up to develop a way to connect the platform UniSee Mount to videowall Vogel completo Universal solution and offer great flexibility in mounting. Independent of Vogel's solution enables even a configuration of up to three rows of high in landscape mode.

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By • 15 Mar, 2018
• Section: accessories, Display, Business