This solution allows multiple users to transmit, at the same time, the content of their wireless devices, and display it in one or two screens.

DVD Tile

Tile is the new solution of the manufacturer of the wireless transmission of audio and video solutions, DVDDistributed in Spain by AVIT Vision. It is an advanced system of collaboration to working groups and educational environments that allows users to share the content of their mobile devices, tablets, or computers with the rest of the room.

DVD TileTile differs from other solutions that can display on the shared up to five windows (tiles), coming from users devices. These are not only limited to mirroring, but can decide what content they bring to the screen in the room, whether it is a video, a particular image (content casting) or whatever is on the screen of your device at that time (mirroring).

In addition, TILE adds a double network that allows users invited to the meeting to connect for a specific guest network, while the staff of the company will be connected through the corporate.

This DVD solution can display up to five different windows simultaneously, which allows multiple users to share content, applications, and files of audio and video, or display web sites along with the presentations. This is offers great flexibility for team collaboration that generates efficient and dynamic discussions.

DVD Tile

Connection and management

The device has five HDMI inputs, including HDMI pass through 4K 2.0a, 2 USB and 2 outputs HDMI inputs duplicate. Almost any signal source can pass through tile, allowing users to issue almost any content from different sources simultaneously, as well as HDMI content, without having to worry about compatibility.

Users manage their experience with Tile DVD application, free and easy to use, available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Mac and Windows. It can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store and begin to send content through the Tile to the connected screen.
Moderator mode helps to approve and tail the emitted content before being displayed on the screen, offering a very useful functionality in educational settings.

DVD Tile

Education and business

DVD TileTile is aimed at collaboration environments, such as conference rooms, rooms of control or decision-making. It simplifies the process of wireless connection of multiple users to an existing display system.

Users no longer need share a connection cable and reset the screen of your laptop. They must only select the content who wish to show to the Group and send it to the shared screen.
Moderator mode, provides the flexibility and collaboration that stimulates a group discussion lively at schools or training facilities, while providing the necessary control to keep the conversation on track.

The teacher or speaker need only enter the application to begin the session, invite others to join and then approve the transmitted content will look on the screen.

The system is ideal for presenting projects and tasks, see the current work of a student during a lecture or for which they share ideas with the class in real time, at the same time that the Professor examined.


DVD Tile

  • Displays up to 5 mosaics on display of different users and multiple sources.
  • At the same time emits up to 1080 p video 4streams.
  • Double input, one for guests and one for the organization.
  • Connect 5 HDMI signals to show the desired on the screen as a background.
  • Transmission signals from any device as well as the mirroring (casting). The user decides what share, a video or a photo without having to show the entire screen of your device.
  • How moderator allows the management and control of the content displayed.
  • It works with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • Customizable presentation: position, size and mix of mosaics, adjustable by users mode.
  • Video processing low-latency that provides a stream flicker.

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By • Mar 16, 2018
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