The platform Interact, hosted in the cloud, collects information from Led systems, sensors and devices IoT to offer services with benefits that go far beyond the lighting.

Philips Lighting Interact

Interact is the new platform of IoT (Internet of things) of Philips Lightingwhich can benefit from the full potential of the lighting connected to the IoT. This platform supports the strategy of offering new services tailored to data whose value is expanded from products and services to lighting systems tailor-made company.

Philips Lighting has also unveiled connected lighting systems that can generate and load data on its IoT Interact platform to drive a growing portfolio of data services.

The company has already installed 29 million connected light points worldwide and expects that by 2020 every new Led product it produces will be able to connect. This growing number of light points, sensors, and connected devices, as well as systems, can collect large volumes of data that Interact can manage.

Philips Lighting

The secure, highly scalable, cloud-based Interact platform uses sophisticated, modern data management and processing capabilities, including machine learning, to make sense of all kinds of data, creating services that will deliver services that will deliver benefits beyond enlightenment.

A typical example of this service is occupancy data for different buildings, which are combined and analyzed to help managers understand and predict how people use office space. This knowledge can help generate savings by optimizing the use of existing office space and achieving better designed and more efficient buildings.

Interact can also analyze data from authorised third parties. For example, for a municipal authority, news articles and publications on social networks, that react to new installation of lighting realizadaen a bridge. You can scan and send information to a panel of implementation of social impact that summed up public opinion.

Philips Lighting

"Now that the light points are smart enough to collect data about their performance and the environment around them, we're leveraging that intelligence. By analyzing data from our connected lights, devices, and systems, our goal is to create additional value for our customers through data-enabled services that unlock new capabilities and experiences," explains Harsh Chitale, leader Philips Lighting Professional Business.

Interact is also designed to foster innovation from third-party developers, partners, and customers. It includes a developer portal and a set of licensed APIs, so that various data services can be created.

Connected lighting systems

Interact also includes connected lighting systems that will help customers improve their experiences and lighting, but will also be able to generate and load data on the IoT Interact platform. Offering a unified user experience, these systems include vertically oriented applications. The available options are:

  • Interact City lighting of public spaces, streets, roads, pedestrian areas, parks and squares.
  • Interact Landmark architectural lighting.
  • Interact Office for offices and commercial buildings.
  • Interact Retail for commercial surfaces and grocery stores.
  • Interact Sports for stadiums.

Soon, the company will launch Interact Industry, geared to responding to the specific lighting needs of factories, warehouses and logistics centres. Other lighting systems Interact for other market segments will be added in the coming months.

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By • 21 Mar, 2018
• Section: Control, Digital signage, illumination