A visual feast thanks to a huge screen Samsung Led, with attractive ads and images to attract tourists, stars in the center of the capital of Korea.

Samsung smart led signage Coex

Emulating the iconic Times Square in Manhattan, in New York, where the big digital screens with high-impact ads have been convertirdo in one of the tourist attractions of the city, downtown Seoul now has the largest Smart Led Signage of Samsung of Korea, which was installed on the outer façade of the SM Town Square and in the K-Pop of the Convention Center and shopping complex COEX.

Seven months (from September to March 2018 2017) have been required to install this system of Led display, which occupies a surface of 1,620 m², result of joining two large Led displays by a curved edge.

Sungwook Yoon, Samsung Electronics Building Solution Group, has run this installation and is responsible for the decision to apply a curved design to the signalling Led, becoming the first case in Korea in which an Led display uses two sides of an area outdoor advertising outdoor (DooH).

Samsung smart led signage Coex

"The digital Led display for advertising is, most often, flat or uses only one side of a space, as an electronic screen in the roof - says Yoon-." This new Led screen can be used to show an element of content, or separately to show different contents. This flexibility allows more effective ways to deliver immersive content".

In particular, when two sides of two Led screens are on a perpendicular configuration, it is likely that the contents be distorted, "but if such visual systems are connected by curved screen, the content can be represented without any distortion. This is a key strength of the new Samsung Smart you Signage", stresses this steering.

"Another of his innovations is the brightness, because if the screens for residential use normally have a brightness of 300 to 500 nits, Smart you Signage uses up to 9. 000nit so that it can display clear images even in bright and direct sunlight", adds Park Jung-bum, B2B Group at Samsung.

In addition, this system of the company automatically adjusts its brightness, reducing it or increasing it according to the movement of the Sun and thus do not disturb or visually inconvenience pedestrians or drivers transiting through this area of the city.

Samsung smart led signage Coex

According to the company, Smart Led Signage consists of approximately 31,000 modules, with a pixel pitch of 10 mm. to show a clear and vivid image from all directions. For Jinwook Kim, Building Solution Group at Samsung, "this is an excellent example of the effort focused on details of Samsung, whereas the typical size between each pixel in outdoor advertising in Korea is 16-20 mm".

Water and dust resistant, Smart Led Signage offers a resolution of 7.840 × 1.952 pixels, almost double the UHD resolution, with a frequency of update of 49. 920Hz, to show images niticas and uniforms without distortion, "ideal for display ads in" "3D, which will soon become a unique landmark of Korea, with up to 100,000 hours of use", says Kim.

The agreement with Coex SM Town contemplates the participation of Samsung Electronics in this project Korea DooH with their Smart Led Signage signage during the next ten years, whose objective is the increase the brand value of Seoul through the development and promotion of the city as a "point of reference for digital media worldwide. Smart Led Signage will help boost the local economy and its competitiveness with a new tourist attraction as a point of reference."

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By • Mar 26, 2018
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