A monitor's limited edition, special events, a book about the company,... are some of the actions of Genelec to celebrate four decades of innovation in the audio industry.

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Leader in professional audio monitoring, Genelec This year celebrates its forty years of business activity with numerous events: from a summer party to a book on this event, to the development of a limited edition monitor and a campaign with the broadcaster's music online Boiler Room.

In 1978, when he founded Iipo Martikanen Genelec with Topi Partanen, began a visionary journey that helped change the world of professional audio as we know it today, with the creation of the S30, a milestone in the active monitoring, developed originally for the YLE, a Finnish national broadcaster.

Genelec 40 anniversaryThis team S30, offering a precise sound and acoustic adjustment options, said the only determination of the company to provide professional, reliable monitoring tools and the ability to calibrate their monitors so that they adapt to their own environment acoustically and, since then, these premises have become the cornerstone of the design philosophy of Genelec.

Driven by the stimulus and growing customer base, Genelec has continued to evolve with new technologies and products that have redefined the industry, from the wide adoption by everyone of the main monitor 1035 studies, to innovations the Directivity Control Waveguide, the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure, and the Laminar Spiral Enclosure.

In 1991, 1031 nearfield monitor again changed monitoring audio and production music, a fact that was later recognized with inclusion in 2014 into the TECnology Hall of Fame. During these four decades, the company's reputation has been rising thanks to its r & d, which has resulted in the great acceptance of the 8000 series monitors, the SAM range (Smart Active Monitoring) and GLM calibration software.

This is why that this year Genelec, brand that it sold in Spain Audio-Technica Iberiayou will recognize these forty years of contribution with friends, distributors and users, along with its employees, which have played a crucial role in the history of the company.

Genelec classic series 2In addition to a spectacular 'birthday party' which will be held this summer, the manufacturer will also perform various competitions, which include the possibility of winning a trip to visit the factory of Genelec in Iisami (Finland), as well as a competition of composition in association with Boiler Room (details to participate will be announced shortly on the website of the company).

The company in social media channels also have a special role, hastag #Genelec40th campaign, which will allow members of the Genelec family from around the world to share their memories and experiences. Videos dedicated to the past, present and future of the company, along with a book with new revelations over these four decades will also be published.

For Siamäk Naghian, CEO of Genelec, "is a remarkable achievement have reached our 40th anniversary with an incredibly extensive chain of innovations, and remain faithful in the search for the perfect sound, as it was from the beginning. This year is for each and every one of Genelec family members who have made it possible that today we find here: users all over the world, distributors and members of the press, employees and, of course, our founder, whose philosophy continues to be our Guide".

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By • 3 Apr, 2018
• Section: Audio, Events, Business