This BSS DSP is designed for web and audio conferencing in meetings and large and medium-sized conference rooms.


Harman Professional Solutions He has presented the digital processor for conferences BSS DCP-555. An intelligent audio solution designed for audio and web conferences in large or medium-sized meeting rooms.

It offers a processing of high quality sound in a template-based solution designed for conference rooms, boardrooms and classrooms. It also provides audio functions and mixes automated microphones, PC audio and other sources, with cancellation of acoustic echo to ensure the clarity of the sound and the effectiveness of the meetings.

The audio of several microphones can be sent as a single signal optimized for USB, being ideal for web conferencing in which equipment is used I Acendo Core of AMX or personal device (Byod) applications. By integrating VoIP connectivity, the rooms can be equipped with systems of audio conferencing without the need for an independent IP phone.


"Smart BSS audio processing solutions are recognized by their sound quality and advanced features. The BSS DCP-555 provides the same quality in a solution based on templates, administrators and integrators of TI can be configured easily, and can deploy it at hundreds or thousands of rooms across the enterprise. Since configuration is done via a web interface without the need for additional software, the configuration can be easily used from any device connected to the same network,"says Paul Krizan, Corporate Solutions Manager of Harman Professional Solutions.

This processor in Harman, which distributes Earproprovides support for four rooms simultaneously using two-way VoIP connections. There are also several options of connection of I/O and incorporates AES67, BLU audio link, USB and 16 × 8 analog. This facilitates compatibility with other devices of audio Harman and other brands, GPIO ports and available relays that simplify the control.


To speed up the integration with other devices of Harman, the DCP-555 processor includes presets of settings of microphone and JBL speakers that offer a simple and TI-centric configuration. If used with AMX SVSi networked audiovisual devices, you can use the synchronization of the encoder to ensure that audio and video signals are aligned, and achieve an optimal experience without the need for manual configuration.

"We have used the smart BSS audio processing technology and we have adapted it to the needs of audio conferencing applications. And then we did that that technology is extremely simple to configure and easy to integrate with a solution full of Harman. Thus we get a processor that achieves maximum flexibility in the Conference rooms, reduces both the amount of potential errors of programming and setup time, and provides a high quality audio", says Shaun Robinson, Vice President of Corporate, Education and Government Customer Solutions of Hartman Professional Solutions.

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By • 11 Apr, 2018
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing