These Yamaha speakers offer an optimal sound and flexibility for use in presentations and events, live bands, clubs, etc. that occur along with other novelties in Messe Frankfurt.

Yamaha DZR and DXS-XLF

In Prolight + Sound 2018, held until April 13 in the German city of Frankfurt, Yamaha presents DZR and amplified speakers DXS-XFL series (E-50 Hall 3.1 stand together with) Nexus), a new kind of intelligent and affordable units that are integrated into networks of audio Dante.

Professionals can also learn at first in this competition the homologous passive series CZR and CXS-XFL, as well as the latest innovations in digital mixing of the manufacturer.

DZR and DXS-XFL series offer exceptional optimum and sound to be used by live bands, DJs, presentations and corporate events in small and medium-sized facilities, as well as centres of worship, clubs, etc.

Yamaha ISE2018YamahaDZR consists of four models with DSP, class-D and design on the cover, among other features. For each model there is equivalent in version D with technology for integration into networks of audio Dante, which when used with brackets CL/CL/TF this manufacturer and network audio products digital mixes, you get an integrated network solution and control for audio systems, both portable and permanent.

Although the range of Yamaha speakers DZR offers serious striking, the new subwoofers DXS-XLF, 18 and 15 inches, are the perfect complement to achieve maximum depth and offer cardioid mode for use with applications of various speakers of subwoofer.

The event also presents new ranges CZR and CXS-XLF, indicated for applications where passive loudspeakers in live entertainment and installed sound, offering optimal control of power and sonic performance, with robust design are preferred and portable at the same time.

Yamaha ise2018Other innovations include digital mixing system Rivage FP7; improved I/O Dante's R-series frames; version 2 firmware for Rivage PM10 (which incorporates the latest advances in this range) and flexible control StageMix and ProVisionaire applications.

Yamaha also exhibits at the fair at Musikmesse, which also takes place in Messe Frankfurt (until April 14), where shows consoles mixtures, speakers, monitors, portable PA systems, including the new Stagepas BT series and the solutions of Line 6 wireless microphones.

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By • 11 Apr, 2018
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