Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt and NAB in Las Vegas events are these days the new LCD video screens of the series Planar VM, the videowall Led CarbonLight CLI range, among other innovations on display.

Leyard Planar Prolight-sound2018

The main global calls for the audiovisual industry in the 2018 Edition, from IF in Amsterdam, the latest Digital Signage Expo)DSE) or which are currently being held as Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt and NAB in Las Vegas, told again with active participation in innovation in Led and LCD displays of Laird Y Planar .

Solutions of Leyard professionals can still see these certamentes include the new Led videowall CarbonLight CLI series; Interactive Led videowall without seams, and the Clarity Matrix G3 series, the new generation of Led videwall with integrated processing.

Leyard Planar Prolight-sound2018

Belonging to the range of Led displays for rental and staging, the new walls of CarbonLight CLI series is available in 2.6-1.9-3.9 to 5.2 mm pixel pitch, with models with maintenance or front or back, for very flexible applications.

NAB 2018 also shows the Led videowall of TVF series, 1.5/1.8 and 2.5 mm. separation between pixels, which provides a simple its bezel, negligible between cabinet and cabinet Assembly, with which it is possible to display images with aspect ratio 16:9 quality Full HD and 4 K.

Planar NAB2018 Leyard

Touch solutions highlights the interactive video wall Led seamless, based in Leyard PLTS technology, which supports up to 32 simultaneous touch points and an optimal response to the touch, and is available with a diagonal of 108, 151 and 196 "0.7/0.9 and 1.2 mm of pixel pitch. It also has a treatment to avoid the unpleasant effect of parallax.

Another important novelty in NAB 2018 is the Clarity Matrix G3 series, the new generation of videwall Leyard Led with integrated processing. Available in 46 and 55 ", with a bevel - 1.7 mm; It incorporates a new driver of external video with high processing speed, as well as software Leyard WallDirector, to further simplify the installation, monitoring, and management of videowall.

Planar NAB2018 Leyard

The video Clarity Matrix G3 driver is out of plate, becoming the first solution of videowall LCD on the market that integrates video advanced directly in the product processing. It also offers a tolerance to failures and energy efficiency through an electronic architecture and power out improved plate.

Planar introduces new series VM, a new family of LCD video screens with a tiled and ultra narrow bezel of 1.8 mm (3.5 mm videowall configuration) with a 500 to 700 nits brightness and high brightness, available in format 55 "and connectivity 4 K to 60 Hz and loop through.

On display also stresses the Planar LCD EP 4 K to 60 Hz series, available in 50, 58 and 65 ", designed for a 24/7 operational and equipped with speakers and slot Open Plugable Specification (OPS); and 4 K UltraRes, available in 75, 86 and 98 "Ultra HD series.

Planar VM Series DSE2018

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By • 12 Apr, 2018
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