Panorama Audiovisual entrusted with Power AV the technical production of the ceremony, which will be held in IFEMA (Madrid) on 8 may in the space which normally houses the Madrid Fashion Week fashion runway. An event in which technology and audiovisual will they be combined with an urban, night and cosmopolitan atmosphere, and where the music live will occupy a central role.

Design Panorama Awards 2018 pr

On 8 May the gala will take place in the Awards 2018 Outlook whose Awards recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of businesses, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising.

Diseño Premios Panorama 2018For the evening of the first day of the professional Audiovisual technology Hall)Audiovisual BIT 2018) the awards scene 2018 propose a unique event in which the professionals of the audiovisual industry will be the protagonists.

On this occasion, Panorama Audiovisual entrusted to Power OFF the technical production of the ceremony, which will be held in IFEMA-Feria de Madrid in the space which normally houses the Madrid Fashion Week fashion runway.

It takes care of the technical direction of this unique project Aleixo audiovisual consultants, company specialized in the design of events at the highest level of demand, while led by Power AV, with Jorge Ortega, as CEO, Manuel Vicente, the lighting design project; Cejudo Alberto, in the technical direction of sound; Gustavo Gil de Muro (video); and Roberto Ruiz, in coordination and stage manager. Lara Cabello is in charge of the technical production while the artistic direction of the gala, the artist is responsible for one more year Fernando Vázquez mourelo Conde.

Diseño Premios Panorama 2018 (Power AV)


Vazquez mourelo Conde, one of the most recognized artists in the contemporary figurative painting, has conceived an event in which technology and audiovisual will be combined with a cosmopolitan, urban and night environment in which music live will take a leading role .

"For this Edition, we suggest a trip around the night in the big city lit by the light of the neon lights reminiscent to the aesthetics and American culture. The music will be an essential ingredient to create such a climate that brings us back to culture and rebellion that marked the Decade of the 70s both in Europe and United States. A decade in which television formed much of the language and aesthetics of a medium that reached maturity at the time. Just review programs such as that carried out Fernando Navarrete, who will receive during the gala award Panorama to a lifetime, to realize to what extent the 70 included on television as we know it today. That look back, combined with the most modern lighting and audiovisual solutions promise a unique spectacle,"says the artist.

For the awards scene, Power AV, in conjunction with Citylight Y Acoustic Milan, has designed a scenography with nearly two hundred points of light, more than seventy robotic and a cut score of bars in addition to numerous luminaries mappable. Line array with about 18,000 watts will be installed to the PA of the band that will accompany the delivery.

Diseño Premios Panorama 2018The gala will feature two first-level Visual elements: a videomapping of 30 meters in length consisting of a blending of five DLP projectors of Panasonic (PT-DZ21K) with 8K developed content screening by Iberian MaxPel; and a large Led display of 22 square meters of Laird. For the first time at an award ceremony in Spain, the signal to the internal circuit occur in Ultra high definition 4K, using the new Panasonic AK-UC3000 cameras with optical Fujinon 4K.

Antonio Castillo, director of Audiovisual Panorama, has highlighted that "production technique of this edition of the Panorama 2018 have relied on Power AV by its excellent team of professionals, qualified and with a very wide experience." With headquarters in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona is a company with a clear commitment to innovation and r & d always having the latest audiovisual equipment on the market. From the first moment, Power AV professionals have spoiled this project with utmost dedication. One of the advantages is that they know perfectly how to respond from the more straightforward event to big productions like these awards which is an art handling video, light and sound to create a special climate. Bid for work well done and the quality of services in image, sound, lighting, computers and structures has been key to put the awards scene."

After the gala, about 600 guests will have the opportunity to celebrate these awards and exchange views during a cocktail, which will take place in a space of 800 square meters next to the auditorium where the award ceremony will take place. Power AV will also be responsible for the technical production of light and sound in this space.

More information about the awards scene, here

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