Under the theme 'Leading Lights', Osram will provide, for the staging of the two semifinals and the final, 750 static mobile of Claypaky and 50 heads of ADB.

Eurovision 2018 Lisbon

There are few days for the start of the festival of the song of Eurovision Song Contest 2018 may 8 start the semi-finals and the final will be the day 12. This year, the event will take place in Portugal under the slogan 'All aboard' and will be held at the Altice Arena, in a scenario that reflects the history of country accommodations as a nation dedicated to the sea.

Creative design has been in charge of Florian Wieder, who already had been in charge of design scenarios for other editions, such as Vienna in 2015 and Kiev in 2017. And, for its design, it was inspired by four concepts: the sea, ships, navigation and maps.

Claypaky Axcor Profile 900After illuminating the stage in Vienna, Stockholm and Kiev, Osram, as an official partner, is once again the official illuminator of the 63rd Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest)ESC) in Lisbon. Responsible shows lighting the two semifinals, which will be held between 8 and 10 may, and also at the grand final.

The slogan of Eurovision for the lighting manufacturer this year is 'Leading Lights', alluding not only to the artists who will be under the spotlights, but also to the role of Osram in entertainment lighting market.

The scenario will feature a lot of heads mobile and static sources of expert based in Munich with its trademark high-tech lighting Claypaky and ADB Canyon.

"We are delighted to support the ESC again this year as an official partner. Our highly efficient lighting solutions, help turn performances by artists from around the world, in emotion-laden unforgettable experiences", says Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO Specialty Lighting from Osram.

More than 800 Osram solutions

OSRAM Clay Paky Scenius onlyESC 2018, the staging for artists include 750 mobile Claypaky heads, along with some 50 static of ADB. One of the most prominent products is the Axcor de 900, which makes its official debut in Lisbon. This new focus of Claypaky offers a pure white Led light of 880 W and 46,000 lumens.

There are also more than 300 products of the Scenius family onstage at the ESC. All are equipped with 1,400 W highly efficient lamps from Osram, specially developed for the most demanding applications.

Entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest will also have the solutions Hepikos of Claypaky, a hybrid light between beam and bathed, equipped with a lamp Osram HRI Sirius of 440 W; and the new ADB Klemantis, an asymmetric light based on a six-color LED module.

The show's lighting is the award-winning lighting designer German Jerry Appelt, that also lit up the competitions in Kiev in 2017 and Stockholm in 2016." Still this is my fourth time, the Eurovision Song has lost none of its charm, but it is also a challenge for me. Thanks to the wide range of luminaries from entertainment Claypaky and ADB, I unleash my creative instincts in design and Visual effects".

Interactive voting

Following the initiative carried out in the past two years, Osram offers fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite singers in an interactive poll that works in conjunction with the official vote on the Festival.

During the semifinals and the finals, fans can use function of Light voting, which is part of the implementation of the official ESC, to vote for each song during the performance. Depending on the points earned by a song with the vote of Osram, four famous landmarks of Lissabon - Praça do Comércio, the Town Hall, the Castelo de São Jorge and the statue of Cristo Rei will illuminate with the corresponding colors.

Blue means that a song has left viewers cold, while red in the opposite end, means that the action raised the mood of the fans. The results will be visible immediately in the city and through webcams around the world.

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By • 20 Apr, 2018
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