In the Astana Expo 2017, in building Nur Alem, Christie Pandoras Box was used to control the hundreds of computers that were needed for the videomappings, projections, immersive, interactive installations and all kinds of audiovisual elements deployed in the eight plants.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

The world's best experts in show control gathered in Kazakhstan to flood audiovisual world's largest spherical building. It was at the international exhibition of Astana 2017where 200 sets were used Christie Pandoras Box to give life to 34 audiovisual installations where he has probably been one of the largest in the history of this product, which is suitable for the design of multimedia shows.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017A project of enormous complexity where teams had to work in conditions extremely hard which showed the robustness of Pandoras Box. And it is that despite temperatures of 15 degrees below zero and the storms of snow at the time of installation, only damaged two graphics cards.

The building is called Nur Alem and constituted the heart of the Astana Expo 2017, whose motto was 'Energy for the future'. 80 meters in diameter, one hundred meters high and 26,000 square meters, each of its eight plants was devoted to a type of energy.

The Turkish construction company Sembolwas the prime contractor for Expo Astaná, selected to his fellow American ASTEL Electronics for the provision and supervision of all of the Pandoras Box in the building systems. The integration of these solutions was conducted by three companies-Adunic (Switzerland), Acciona Productions and Design (Spain) and Symmetrico (Italy)-, which in turn reinstated to a dozen companies and freelance specialists in Pandoras Box from around the world.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

Pandoras Box was the central element which controlled the hundreds of laser projectors, displays, video walls, PCs and digital devices used in Nur Alem to produce videomappings, immersive, interactive installations and all kinds of elements audiovisual deployed at eight plants.

"This is not our first project with Pandoras Box. We already use it in the Presidential Library and Museum of Astana in 2014. So it's a family system for us that also provided us the reliability required for a project of this magnitude. Its main strong point is the scalability provided by, as well as that it is a network-based VNC solution. "With Pandoras Box it is possible to have from a single-channel player stand alone, until a large scalable with hundreds of channels", said Yakup Karabag, electrical engineer of Sembol.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

Kazakhstan and hydro-electric power

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017The Spanish BGL He was responsible for the audiovisual engineering of the first and second floors of the building (details on) Digital AV Magazine). The first level, with an area of 2,400 square meters, was devoted to the host country, Kazakhstan, and the second, of 800 square meters, to hydro-electric power.

In this second floor had different mappings with warping and blending, among which highlighted one interactive creating water on the floor with 20 projectors, one with 14 projectors recreating seven waterfalls, and a third simulating a turbine on the outer face a cylinder.

All of these projections, as well as various monitors and all present in this plant, were managed by a score of systems Pandoras Box, Quad servers, Players, Compact Players and Managers. In addition, a Widget Designer controlled all this plant, as well as ignitions and automated shutdown of computers so that they automatically pull in the morning and will go off at the set time.

Programming and technical support of the projections of the second floor played a fundamental role David Galvez, the foremost expert of Pandoras Box in Spain, founder of the Enterprise DG Visuals. "It was an incredible project, with dozens of audiovisual deployed in eight plants and controlled only by Pandoras Box." This system was able to maintain all the replicas synchronized perfectly, despite the great complexity involved in combining a lot of technologies in one place."

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

On the first floor, highlighted by the Canopy, a lattice structure in which there were projections immersive about the landscapes of Kazakhstan with 40 projectors. This show was paired with an interactive installation in which visitors could learn more about the famous myth of Bayterek Kazakh.

In the audiovisual integration of this first floor German companies had a fundamental role AV Active Y Burmester.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017"The first floor was fully controlled by a central Widget Designer, a fundamental tool that managed dozens of displays, computers, projectors, lights..." Pandoras Box provided greater flexibility in managing the content and programming of the timeline. And not to talk about reliability of the system, taking into account 24/7 uninterrupted use for three months. The truth is that this was one of the most complex installations we have made in recent years, but it is clear that Pandoras Box was the best possible solution. Due to the large number of unforeseen and unknown variables face that in a building of this type, I can only say that we had the best tool, and the more flexible", explains Benjamin Brostian, CEO of AV Active.

For José Chorro, director of media services of BGL, "the main point strong Pandoras Box is integrated into the same solution both production (composition of images, blending...)" as the control of the shows'.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

Projection of 360 ° from the third to the sixth

The German system integrator Neumann & Müller He was responsible for the design and installation of the AV systems from the third floor to the sixth, where 800 55-inch displays were used to provide information to visitors.

The most prominent installation here was a 360-degree projection conducted with 34 teams that produced a solar field of 13 meters in diameter where visitors walked, and explaining the influence of the Sun in the life of the Earth. Different Led reflector, projections and printed elements were also used to simulate activities on the surface of the Sun.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

Neumann & Müller used servers and players Pandoras Box for video playback, while the projection mapping used different units of Pandoras Box Quad Server. He also made use of Widget Designer - in some cases installed on touch panels - to remotely control all servers, projectors and displays.

"Pandoras Box is a very reliable system for installations on a large scale." In this project we installed more than 70 servers and players and only experience a few bugs that we could solve in minutes. The hardware is very tough, especially if we bear in mind that the weather conditions were extremely harsh. At the moment in which we installed servers, the temperature inside the building was 15 degrees below zero, which joined the heavy dust of construction works", says Felix Erdmann, Manager of Neumann & Müller.

Los largos tiempos de espera en medio de tormentas de nieve se convirtieron en algo normal para los 80 trabajadores de Neumann & Müller desplegados en Astaná, entre alemanes, portugueses, españoles, británicos, rusos, ucranianos y kazajos. “Otro desafío fue lo ajustado del plazo para la instalación, programación y puesta en funcionamiento”.

Christie Pandoras Astana Expo-2017

Pandoras Box supera las complejodades

Kaan Kısakol, general director of Astel, recognizes the value of Pandoras Box to execute the project despite its great complexity. "Besides the best-known features of Pandoras Box such as the warping and edge blending, their reliability and their special features like interactivity helped us enormously. Also, your hardware is so robust that, although there was a so massive amount of Pandoras Box products, our technical team had to change only two graphics cards damaged throughout the installation."

Christie ya ha recibido peticiones para utilizar Pandoras Box en próximas Expos. Mike Steinbrecher, director técnico de ventas globales de Pandoras Box en Christie, resalta las mejoras de la versión 6 de esta solución. “Desde que lanzamos Pandoras Box V6 y Widget Designer V6 el año pasado, hemos incorporado una gran cantidad de aspectos nuevos, como el mapping UV multi-user en la vista previa, o mallas editables para hacer sobre la marcha FFD y vertex-warping (modificación de la geometría del objeto de acuerdo con el tiempo y/o la acción del usuario), lo que facilita y agiliza la programación por parte del usuario”.

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