Organized by U-tad, the third edition of this day immersion and disclosure in fact virtual, augmented and mixed will be held on June 1 at the National Archaeological Museum.

Samsung MAN Virtual

As noted from U-tad, University Center of reference in the virtual reality training, if 2016 was the year of the take-off of this technology, with the arrival of multiple devices of RV, and 2017 of its consolidation by their applications beyond the strictly recreational area, the present 2018 "is the year of widespread realities and the mixed reality, so understanding the consistent and accurate fusion between the RV and the reality that surrounds us, which represents the next evolutionary and movement within the technology industry disruptor."

For the first time ESRealidadVirtualthe event organized by U-tad, takes place in its third edition at the National Archaeological Museum)MAN) - 1 June at 16:00 h-, since currently the public institution is transforming cultural experiences inside and outside the Museum through virtual reality.

utad Esrealidad virtual2018Through the experience 'Living in...', the MAN offers visitors a virtual tour of the history of Spain, an initiative that is located in the line of virtual reality training of U-tad and in the development of numerous projects in the social and cultural on This technology.

Under the title ' VRevolution: experience the new era of social and cultural reality ', the third edition of EsRealidadVirtual, of free access through the website of the University, will bring together experts and professionals from various sectors, who will share their knowledge about this technology and its various applications, with projects in areas such as the conservation of the cultural heritage, biomedicine, psychology, etc.

"Realities extended are already making our present and, no doubt, will change the world in the future. Part of this wave of innovation is a great personal and professional opportunity,"says Laura Raya, expert in extended realities and Director of the postgraduate courses in Virtual reality in U-tad.

U-tad esrealidadvirtual2018With the theme of how to revolutionize and change our form of personal and professional life mixed reality and the arrival of new glasses Magic Leap?, Edgar Martin - Blas, CEO and creative director of Virtual Voyagers and Professor at the postgraduate courses of RV in U-tad, inform the rush that will be the arrival of mixed reality, both at the level of the users within the technology industry.

If at first VR associated with more playful level, their application has also come to sectors until recently unimaginable. To give proof of this, leading experts in the healthcare field will explain how this technology is helping overcome physical disabilities and mental disorders of users.

Charo Ortín, doctor specialized in neurological rehabilitation, is the creator of a therapy based on RV to help people with multiple sclerosis, or motor injury getting even that can return to walk using a pioneer method of so-called neuro-rehabilitation Forenthat it has already achieved surprising results in patients with motor injury by disease or accidents.

U-tad CiceroAlberto Carlier, business developer at Virtualware, in his presentation ' Vrehabilitacion: treating patients with RV' explain how this technology has become one of the most effective tools in the treatment and awareness of brain diseases, and display projects that improve the quality of life of patients with brain dysfunctions.

Erika Guijarro, psychologist at the unit of Pediatric transplantation at the La Paz University Hospital and a specialist in treatments with RV, will explain how this technology has become a great ally in the field of psychology in the service of the professionals of the mental health, where it is used with patients who are in the process of transplantation for the treatment of pain, applying techniques of relaxation before surgical processes or stimulation for the treatment of phobias such as fear of flying (aerofobia), lead) amaxofobia), spiders (Arachnophobia), to speak in public, to the needles, separation anxiety,...

VR allows users to interact with virtual elements as if they were real, and opens the possibility of using these new environments where the specialist can implement powerful therapeutic resources. It's a new way of doing psychological therapy, the patient is capable of generating the same reactions and emotions that they would experience in a real situation, but at the same time they are completely controlled by the therapist.

Samsung It was the company responsible for developing the experience 'Living in...' to the MAN, in which fit different pieces and archaeological content to the experience of the RV so that visitors can enjoy the feeling of strolling through the streets and enter the houses of our ancestors.

The experience includes the five stages of the history of Spain (prehistory, Protohistory, Hispania Roman, middle ages and modern age) that form part of the permanent exhibition (details on) digital AV).

Intelequia Software, Gold partner of Microsoft, ofrecerá la ponencia ‘Teleformación en biomedicina con realidad mixta y HoloLens’. Este proyecto busca conectar la empresa con el mundo educativo a través de estas gafas de una manera interactiva, dinámica y bidireccional usando la realidad aumentada.Se trata de charlas en streaming,donde el ponente usa HoloLens y, desde un entorno biomédico, explica a los alumnos que se encuentran en el centro educativo y que ven lo que el experto está observando.

En la zona de experiencias del evento los asistentes podrán disfrutar de aplicaciones en RV relacionadas con el arte, la cultura, el acoso escolar, la educación y el periodismo, etc. Entre ellas destacan ‘Asignatura Empatía’, un proyecto desarrollado por Samsung y el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte para concienciar e intentar reducir el acoso escolar; ‘Altamira VR Experience’, un recorrido virtual a través de una fiel recreación de estas cuevas desarrollada por Virtualware en colaboración con Morena Films para la promoción de la película Altamira, con Antonio Banderas; ‘Gaudi VR Experience’, que permite conocer la vida y obra de este genio a través de una visita virtual a la plaza de la Catedral de Barcelona; y ‘Black Sorrow’, estudio psicológico desarrollado por alumnos de U-tad en la que se puede sentir cómo afecta el miedo a la inmersión en RV.

Todos los asistentes al evento podrán hacerse una foto utilizando un filtro de la aplicación Snapchat, donde a través de un código QR, podrán simular ser un antiguo personaje de épocas pasadas mediante cinco modelos distintos de filtros correspondientes a los cinco escenarios de la Historia de España antes citados.

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By • 17 May, 2018
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