Quince Imaging Integrator uses the latest technology of Christie projection to create a breathtaking spectacle of videomapping and distribution of live content.

Capital One sand fifteen Imaging Christie

Fan involvement is a priority for Monumental Sports & Entertainmentalready that two of their teams of this city American, Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals, are approaching the playoffs of 2018.

With this aim to offer you a unique experience, its makers have collaborated with Fifteen Imaging, specialist in viewing images, content distribution, technology and video production services for live events, which has installed a system of dual-sport projection technology of Christiethat it has met fans and teams alike with an impressive show of videomapping who accompanied the Capitals throughout all the Stanley Cup Championship.

As explained by Hunter Lochmann, vp. senior marketing of MSE, "overlooking an imminent renewal of the stadium, our goal was to improve the experience of fans and we always had as a priority the projection system. Taking into account the great seasons of the Wizards and the Capitals, Monumental decided to install the system temporarily for the playoffs and definitively during the season of rest".

Capital One sand fifteen Imaging Christie

The top requirement was that the system was to be dual-sport, suitable for projecting onto the ice for the Capitals and on the Court of wood for the Wizards, and adapt to the size of each surface. Also I had to be ready to use and include the projection technology, content, and 3D images.

"Monumental not only Sports wanted to have a permanent installation, but also have something ready immediately to use in the playoffs. And that is something that only we can make: a quick installation of a system of rent of twelve Christie Boxer 4K 30 for matches of the playoffs of the Capitals and the Wizards, as well as working long-term in the permanent installation to be l ISTA in autumn", says Eric Gazzillo, producer of fifteen Imaging.

Besides Christie projectors, this integration has also used other systems of this audiovisual manufacturer, such as Pandoras Box with Widget Designer; Mystique Install Pro Venue Edition and Terra. With a notice of one day of in-situ preparation and only a couple of weeks, fifteen highlights Christie technology for its speed at the time.

Capital One sand fifteen Imaging Christie

The key aspect that helps us meet these deadlines in a systematic way "is to have products like Pandoras Box and the Boxer floodlights. "We know how they work and who we can trust that it will meet our expectations: why we like", says CJ Davis, creative director of Quince Imaging.

In this sense, Quince Imaging took advantage of the power of a full suite of solutions by Christie, including Mystique Install Pro Venue Edition, to keep aligned continuously twelve installed projectors; Pandoras Box, which allows for a quick transition between the Court and the ice; and controllers, transmitters, and receivers of Terra, a solution to transport, process and control content 4K bright and uncompressed.

Gazzillo, "when you go from hockey to basketball, we are making a configuration for the latter and want to make sure that the field has a 4 K resolution. When we return to hockey and only think about adjust basketball measures, much of that resolution is lost. To avoid this, we use all 4K Boxers with its native 4K resolution and Terra to make sure that the signal is 4K not compressed at all times".

Another advantage deChristie Pandoras Box is that "its composition in real time and transformation tools do that from an operational point of view, simply with a few clicks to make the transformation. Once this canvas pixels are available and light throughout the track and is rapidly changing the way basketball, the potential of Pandoras Box is using to transform it into an array of basketball, with changes on the fly, close-ups, alignments of the players, etc,"says this specialist.

Fifteen Imaging also used Widget Designer to connect with markers and tapes containing the videomapping in ice or the Court for a "takeover" of the contents of all the stadium with a single button. Also with a single click, Christie Mystique Install distorts, mix and automatically aligns the contents of the twelve projectors in a matter of minutes to ensure that the system is always calibrated perfectly and ready to play.

"The valuation of both the projection equipment has been very positive, especially with the Capitals in the Stanley Cup victory - Lochmann - says. We are very happy with all the features 3D during the playoffs, including Christie solutions."

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By • 31 Aug, 2018
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