The Smart Hotel solution facilitates the day-to-day management of the activities of the establishment, improves the comfort and experience of customer, while allowing you to control your safety and, in particular, those areas most sensitive to threats.

Siemens Smart Hotel

Siemens Smart Hotel is a management solution that makes it easier, from a single platform, the management and control of all functions of a hotel. This system is intended to improve comfort and the customer experience, as well as the safety and energy efficiency of the accommodation, regardless of its size and category.

This platform offers a complete view in real time, both of the State of the rooms (occupation, request for room service, do not disturb...), as common spaces (rooms of meetings, restaurants, gym, etc.) to help the staff of Welcome to manage the registration of entry and exit, assign the room to a client and the direct delivery of this assignment through a QR code the smartphones of customers or the access to common areas.

Siemens Smart Hotel also facilitates the day-to-day management of the activities of the hotel. The solution integrates the Hotel Manager web platform, which connects different applications aimed at personnel of the plant and maintenance tool to the reception.

At the service of the client

This solution allows to adapt all aspects related to the comfort of the room to the preferences of each client: lighting of the different points of the room, temperature control for roller shutters...

The client, through an app, manage all these aspects from your smartphone or tablet, as well as request the services offered by the hotel (restaurant, fitness center, spa...), and receive tourist information, providing a digital experience. It also allows you to enter and leave the room without passing through reception, eliminating the waiting time.

The solution allows to register the different needs of each client in such a way that, if staying in a hotel from the same chain again, preferences are automatically configured in the moment in which the registry. In addition, the accommodation Manager can be controlled from the same interface all aspects related to the welfare of the common areas of the building; According to occupation and hotel needs.

With this new solution, Siemens incorporates a platform directed for the digitisation of the hospitality industry that creates automated "smart" hotels to its portfolio of solutions. This system achieves better results in relation to the welfare of the host and the use of resources, since all the disciplines of the accommodation and its technical equipment are perfectly connected.

Video surveillance and security systems

The solution allows you to manage, from the same interface, security throughout the property and, in particular, those areas most sensitive to threats. For this reason, Siemens has joined Smart Hotel access and detection and fire control solutions.
On the one hand, security systems allow connect all the technologies (video surveillance, access control to private spaces, reading of registration of the vehicle in the parking access) and include them as operational routines for the staff of the hotel. And on the other hand, the integration of the solutions of the company fire detection protects customers in the event of fire and avoids to be disturbed in case of false alarms.

Also, in a crisis situation requiring the evacuation of the hotel, Siemens Smart Hotel, along with its buildings Desigo CC management platform, also integrates a system of alarm and public address system that advises of the danger to all occupants of the hotel and makes its output thanks to the automatic opening of shutters, doors and elevators and to the transmission of messages in different languages to allow effectively to guide people out of the building.

This platform is a great asset to the hotel sector, since it promotes the optimization of the operation of the establishment and improves its energy efficiency. Building automation and the connection of different devices and systems provide reports of energy that can be used to save costs and turn it into a fully sustainable settlement.

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By • 12 Sep, 2018
• Section: Audio, Control, Display, illumination, Security