London Kensington has been the site chosen to locate this steel structure with a digital display that is the first project between JCDecaux and architectural study of the deceased Zaha Hadid.

JCDecaux zaha hadid architects the kensington

A singular public art project and the first collaboration in the field of dynamic digital advertising between the study Zaha Hadid Architects (through its Department of design) and the specialist JCDecaux they have become a reference point great sculptural and visual part which has been installed in the busy area of West Cromwell Road in Kensington, in London.

Sculpture, so-called as it could not be otherwise 'The Kensington', features a digital display of large-format (26 meters wide by 6 tall) that is inclustra within a curvilinear stainless steel tape

JCDecaux zaha hadid architects the kensingtonDigital advertising and JCDecaux street furniture specialist contacted Zaha Hadid Architects for that differential, unique and innovative design of an advertising medium done that combined art and digital media, whose result has been ' The Kensingtong'.

This sculpture of digital advertising offers brands a shocking and different communication channel to create messages and surprising commercial compositions, offering passersby an urban artwork (when walking from behind) and a visual medium with advertisements and promotions.

As Melodie Leung pointed out, associate principal of Zaha Hadid Design, "both a civic gesture as a means of promoting, interlaced and inclined tape design expresses the dynamism of movements of traffic of pedestrians and vehicles that cross this important crossing London. Stainless steel tape is twisted as it surrounds the screen, defining a variable silhouette when viewed from different points of view".

JCDecaux zaha hadid architects the kensingtonIt is the first collaboration of urban advertising made by this study and, for Leung, "it will be fascinating to see how brands respond to this digital sculptural canvas. This has been a unique collaboration with JCDecaux to develop new possibilities for media platforms; return to imagine the undercard as public art".

For his part, Spencer Berwin, co-CEO of JCDecaux, says that "design is the heart of the 'DNA' of our company and we are proud of having worked in association with Zaha Hadid Design this unique vision of an advertising structure" contemporary London".

This project, continuing this steering, "highlights how JCDecaux works with leading designers in the world to transform urban landscapes for the benefit of the public and the advertisers".

JCDecaux zaha hadid architects the kensington

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By • 13 Sep, 2018
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