This complete network infrastructure is based on the MediorNet system, which integrates the digital matrix intercom system Artist wireless intercom Bolero by Riedel, to offer clear and reliable communications to the institution.

French National Assembly riedel

The deployment of the backbone network of distribution of signals and communications made in the French National Assemblylocated in Paris, is based on the specialist solutions Riedelwhose network of media in real-time MediorNet provides routing and redundant and decentralized signals in this organism.

Closely integrated with MediorNet, intercom system of digital array Artist of Riedel and wireless intercom Bolero, also from this manufacturer, providing at the same time clear and reliable communications for the personnel of the Assembly National French.

French National Assembly riedelChristian Castelli, this institution audiovisual systems engineer, explains that "MediorNet represents a radical departure from the traditional approach of the transport of signals, based on a central router and transport and processing of third-party devices. On the other hand, the decentralized system of Riedel approach provides enormous benefits, including redundancy, flexibility and ability to scale the system according to our needs."

The deployment of this agile infrastructure was an essential component in the complete modernization of the main control room audiovisual of the French National Assembly, including connectivity with audio-visual terminals located in any place inside and outside the buildings of the legislative complex.

French National Assembly riedel

Video control room

This technological backbone continues to evolve with the expansion of a new control room video multiposition and other rooms of commissions via satellite connection. The backbone Riedel MediorNet consists of four core routers MetroN, three mainframes MediorNet Modular, more than thirty devices of high density MicroN and 25 stage-box Compact media distribution network.

Deployed in a decentralised configuration, components of MediorNet ensure a fully redundant distribution of all signals of audio/video and communications through the various buildings of this organism.

French National Assembly riedelRobust intercom system is composed of a mainframe Artist 128, with control provided by multifunctional user interfaces SmartPanel Riedel RSP-2318; at the time that also provides access to all wireless belt packs Bolero points.

As Franck Berger, general manager for France and Africa of Riedel, "is honored to welcome a client as prestigious as the French National Assembly to our list of high-profile deployments. This installation is a case of great utility for Riedel that perfectly highlights the benefits of our MediorNet decentralized approach, with the management of transport, routing, processing and communication of the French National Assembly, all in one single infrastructure".

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