Small size, this minitransmisor of beltpack offers high sound quality, since it uses the audio Digital 6000 and 9000 Digital series, Sennheiser patented codec.

Sennheiser SK 6212 magnetronPresented a few weeks during the participation of Sennheiser in IBC 2018in Amsterdam, the new beltpack SK 6212 minitransmisor is an option designed for shows with music, live sound, broadcast, theatre professionals..., needing a discreet, ultra-compact and lightweight solution.

SK 6212 offers reliable transmission in the use of the spectrum than that of the rest of the 6000 Digital wireless microphone system transmitters, since it uses the audio of this series, Sennheiser patented codec.

"Sound engineers have been waiting with great interest for this product: SK 6212 - explains Tom Vollmers, senior professional audio product manager-." Like most large transmitters, it eliminates intermodulation problems and offers an extremely efficient use of the spectrum, since transmission frequencies may be distributed in equidistant way over the entire band".

Sennheiser SK 6212 magnetronSK 6212, which will be available in the market at the beginning of 2019 and will market it Magnetrón in Spain and Portugal, it has a design that is comfortable to wear thanks to its rounded edges, and its small size (63 × 47 × 20 mm) and weigh about 112 g, battery included.

The engineer can control the minitransmisor through a screen OLED and a few function buttons. Like the rest of 6000 Digital transmitters, model SK 6212 synchronizes by infrared, which saves time and hassle, especially in live events.

The flexible antenna is removed and can be replaced in-situ. It also has an additional internal sealing to ensure an adequate level of resistance to humidity.

This minitransmisor works with a removable polymer battery lithium BA 62, which offers an autonomy of up to twelve hours, thus facilitating the operational in very long shows. This battery can be recharged easily in the system's rack-mountable L 6000, using the new module of load LM 6062.

By forming part of the range 6000 Digital, the beltpack SK 6212 minitransmisor not only is compatible with receivers of the Series 6000, as receiver for analog/digital camera EK 6042, but also with Digital 9000 series receiver when in long mode FTAA NCE.

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By • 1 Oct, 2018
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