The independent agency Indira Madrid has made the design, development and production of audiovisual content showing these spectacular displays of this Madrid shopping center.

Full moon Indira Klépierre crambo Sánchez rivas

Owned by the Group Klépierre, Madrid shopping center Full moon has become the first of the French company in the implementation and use of large format Led screens inside, for the design, development and production of audiovisual content displayed therein has had specialist Indira Madrid.

More than 350 m2 of Led screens surround the central square of this space, with a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm and a luminosity of about 2,500 nits, with annular horizontal formats which are distributed by each of the plants, and interacting with vertical lining the RIS you pray, offering an environment of visual creativity and dynamic elements to the visitor.

Full moon Indira Klépierre crambo Sánchez rivas

Taking into account the large size of the screens, the creative team of Indira Madrid has worked for months to give shape to spectacular audiovisual content and developed ad hoc, synchronized on all screens, videos that motivate to the visitors to immerse themselves in a seabed or an idyllic natural full of vegetation, waterfalls and Wildlife environment and transported them to another dimension in their buying process.

Juanma Gómez, general and creative director of Indira Madrid explains it: "new formats of Led screens are an incredible opportunity to give free rein to creativity. These screens surround the viewer of a multitude of options to interact in real time. They are a window into a new world in which creativity, art and communication go hand in hand."

Full moon Indira Klépierre crambo Sánchez rivas

In the coming months, Indira Madridseguirá developing content for these supports, both audiovisual and interactive, full moon and other commercial centers of the Klépierre group, a leader in the European sector of commercial center, with the aim of that visitors can live a unique experience.

The implementation of these screens Led large-format is part of the reform bill that has made the Plenilunio shopping centre in its process of digital transformation. This project has been, according to the information gathered by digital AV, with the supply of screens from Crambo and installation of urban furniture specialist Sánchez Rivas.

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By • 4 Oct, 2018
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising