With 40,000 lumens, technology laser RGB, TruLife electronics and lighting RealLaser, this 3DLP RGB laser projector is ideal for use in large spaces, sports facilities, domes, giant screens, planetariums and theme parks attractions.

Christie D4K40-RGB

Christie He has presented the projector 3DLP D4K40-RGB, a team designed for large areas, sports facilities, domes, giant screens, planetariums and theme parks attractions.

With a design that incorporates electronic TruLife and Christie RealLaser lighting, this projector produces more than 90% of the Rec color space. 2020, making a few Visual rich, vibrant and realistic, in a model that weighs less than half of what its most direct competitor.

"The experience and knowledge of engineering of Christie have allowed us to create 'all in one' of high brightness RGB laser projector and Omni-directional more small and light market, without affecting or to its image quality or durability." Bulky external coolers, remote laser racks or special pedestals are finished. Pure laser, pure performance and pure excellence in a single projector which, moreover, is compatible with nearly all Christie Boxer lenses, "says Mike Garrido, senior director of Christie's product.

With more than 30,000 hours of operation before dropping to 80% brightness, contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a speed of up to 120 images per second, also offers a new optical path, patented and perfectly sealed, so that in a typical installation is translate in more than eight years of stable performance and problems, and virtually maintenance free.

Powerful but at the same time efficient from the energy point of view, the RGB-D4K40 Christie works with single-phase 220 volt power.

Equipped with the latest advances in laser technology, RealLaser is a revolution in terms of brightness, colour reproduction, image uniformity, relations of ultra-high contrast and operating time.

For its part, Christie TruLife supports a process that reaches 1.2 gigapixels per second, enabling operation DLP 120 Hz and 4K resolution. Their tickets 12 G-SDI, DisplayPort, Christie Terra SDVoE and Linkaseguran secure with large number of sources connectivity.

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By • 18 Oct, 2018
• Section: OUTSTANDING, Projection