The virtual classroom's boat, which was installed on the campus of this business school Barcelona, allows you to connect up to 80 people in synchronous sessions from anywhere in the world, in high quality and with a similar to a broadcast audiovisual.

Virtual classroom at IESE Barcelona boat

Ship He has presented its solution for virtual classroom based on weConnect, a tool SaaS based cloud that makes education top, remote, more interactive and attractive. The first installation has been carried out with this solution has been on the campus of Barcelona's IESE Business School.

Virtual classroom at IESE Barcelona boatThe virtual classroom is an environment of learning and teaching, where participants interact, communicate, see and discuss presentations and become involved with training resources while working in groups, all in an online environment. In addition, it facilitates direct teaching to a group of remote with capacity for sustained attention and greater participation.

In a virtual classroom, teachers engage and interact as in a traditional classroom, students may be anywhere in the world. Teachers share video files, organize live chats, share interactive learning activities, and incorporate students instant feedback.

This recreates the experience of learning face-to-face students may have in on campus, with interactivity features seamless sessions, surveys and interactive quizzes, silent questions and delivered collaborative whiteboards to through an easy to use browser interface.

Virtual classroom at IESE Barcelona boat

The virtual classroom at IESE
IESE Business School was the first company to implement this classroom of new generation which reinvents the remote simultaneous virtual learning experience.

This new space, located on the campus of this business school Barcelona, allows you to connect up to 80 people in synchronous sessions from anywhere in the world, in high quality and with a similar to a transmission production audiovisual. In this way, play experience that students have in the face-to-face sessions on campus and adds some features that only technology can offer.

Virtual classroom at IESE Barcelona boat"The virtual classroom allows us to overcome the most common obstacles of training for managers, such as time and costs involving its displacements, which in turn limited the classroom training. With this new space we can extend in time learning experiences by combining both environments, the presence and the online", says Giuseppe Auricchio, director of the Learning Innovation Unit of the IESE.

Students connect through your Web browser from a computer with camera and speaker, and immersed in an integrated experience of the classroom, which can see and talk remotely with the teacher and classmates, participate in polls and exercises shared and save the Whiteboard contents.

IESE has opted to reinforce the advantages that offers technology with a sophisticated audiovisual production (four cameras operated by people) that guarantees the high quality of the interaction, and also prevents the 'mental disconnection' student, very common in other formats of e-learning.

"It is proven that the level of attention of the courses and webinars that are offered with fixed camera and without carrying out lapses after a few minutes. Many students associate the screen with other activities and leave the sessions", confirms Auricchio.

Teachers also benefit from this technology, since they see to all students of the virtual classroom in the foreground and have very intuitive tools to interact with them in enriched form. Among other functions, they have statistics, surveys, and the possibility to integrate any document on the Whiteboard.

"It is surprising to see that the conversation is fluent, natural and many people are involved in it. I.e., is like that it would have a face-to-face experience, only that not you expect it in a virtual interaction", acknowledges Professor Evgeny Káganer.

IESE intends to use this new technology in most of its programs as a reinforcement to the classroom training at its five campuses.

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By • 25 Oct, 2018
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