Designed for meeting, simulation applications and companies, these projectors 1DLP offer high brightness, resolution 4 K Ultra HD and short-range.

Optoma 4K 550 and 4K550ST

Projectors for professional installation 4 K Ultra HD 4K 550 and 4K550ST that Optoma recently announced offer images 4K UHD with a brightness of 5,000 and 4,500 lumens respectively.

With a Texas Instruments DLP single chip design, 8.3 million pixels are projected on the screen without the problems of alignment found in other technologies, which ensures the integrity of the image.

"These teams provide the benefits of high brightness, resolution 4K Ultra HD and the short range for any presentation. With four times a 1080 p resolution and a more realistic color reproduction, offer maximum clarity both in text and graphics", says Philip Watt, commercial Manager of Optoma Europe product.

Optoma 4K550ST

Designed for meeting, simulators and the corporate sector, as well as CAD designers and architects who need bright, complex details and quality images, these projectors allow images 4 K UHD unused scaled. in addition to the resolution UHD 4K, both models offer compatibility with high dynamic range (HDR) and the open standard HDR10.

The 4K 550 model features a projection with 1 zoom lens, 6 x, while the 4K550ST is a lens of short shot that offers a high-performance image to half a meter of distance. Both have vertical displacement of the lens for a fast and precise installation, without requiring expensive interchangeable lens.

RS-232 c and LAN connectivity allow simple through industry standards, including IP Link, Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link integration and control.


Optoma 4K550ST

  • Resolution 4K UHD with HDR10.
  • High brightness: 5000 lumens (4K 550), 4,500 lumens (4K550ST).
  • Flexibility of installation - vertical displacement of the lens.
  • Zoom 1, 6 x (only 4K 550).
  • (Only 4K550ST) short-throw lens.
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.
  • Stereo speakers: two 5W.

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By • 26 Oct, 2018
• Section: Projection, Simulation