To receive visitors in a more vivid and attractive way, this iconic Chicago Leisure Centre has mounted a solution of four NanoLumens Engage Series display in portrait format. These individually show the contents or merge in a large canvas with a single message.

NanoLumens at Navy Pier

Chicago is a city that has always been present arts and culture and this is especially evident in Navy Pierone of the main destinations in the Midwest. Since its last re-development in 1995, more than 180 million visitors have enjoyed 50 acres of attractions that are offered in this leisure centre which in its origins was one of the world's largest springs.

This area of entertainment has evolved and eventually made patent that it needed an attractive solution of display that could serve to welcome and inform visitors. NanoLumens I provide the solution that was needed with a configuration consisting of four series Engage Led screens.

"Navy Pier is an entertainment destination, artistic and social offering a variety of activities and experiences for both the inhabitants of the city and tourists." That moment of energy and information are created through Visual expressive that they promote and invite visitors to join in the fun while they provide updated information in the entry on the daily activity dynamically performed. We wanted to offer a new experience of welcome that was attractive but that will not cause any impedance on the trip made by visitors,"explains Jeff Arko, Design Producer of Gensler, company that was responsible for supervising the project.

NanoLumens at Navy Pier

NanoLumens provided four screens Led Engage Series format portrait of 1.87 mm measuring 1, 2 × 2, 3 meters each. These are installed at the entrance to the Pier.

"The four screens allowed us to have some space between each and not remove the view when visitors enter. The way they are configured allows an artistic look that combines well with the atmosphere of the dock and offers this type of artistic splash, Chicago,"says Ryan Wilhelm, director Regional de Ventas de NanoLumens.

According to Wilhelm, NanoLumens was able to provide the size of pixel pitch this solution needed, since visitors see the content closely. Engage Series screens have the range of pixel lower pitch of the manufacturer (from 0.9 to 2.5 mm) which makes them the ideal solution for any area where sharp images are needed to see close. The screens of the family are very thin and easy-to-install, allowing its management both from the front and back.

NanoLumens at Navy Pier

Each screen can show different and independent content or used as a single large canvas with messages that spread over the four. The content is designed to help guests in his trip to Navy Pier. "We didn't want content forced people to remain in the entry. We wanted to simply establish that scenario and making contact. Several columns of NanoLumens solution helped to achieve this objective", clarifies Arko.

The Integrator on the project, Paul Krumrich of SpyeHe faced some challenges that went beyond the design problems. "There was a balance should be achieved with this project which included a fusion of technology, art and culture. The design of these screens NanoLumens improves the experience of Navy Pier and achieves the desired mix of unique and very effective.

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By • 29 Oct, 2018
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