Considered the highest statue in the world, this monument offers a mapping in which the life of the Indian statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is reviewed. For their implementation has been made an installation composed of 51 projectors Crimson WU25.

Christie mapping unit statue

The Statue of the unit a work dedicated to the visionary Indian statesman is one Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and is considered to be the highest in the world. For its inauguration, which coincided with the 143 anniversary of his birth was a mapping which were used in some of the Visual solutions of Christie.

Christie's partner, Pyramid Technologies, and the German producer HB-Laser they have been responsible for carrying out the project, and they have done so with the help of a total of 51 projectors 3DLP Crimson WU25 laser. The team has been responsible for the design, installation and integration of the projectors.

Christie CrimsonThe result is a show that according to Christie, supposedly the greater deployment of projectors for high brightness ever conducted in a permanent installation in India.

Located in the State of Gujarat, next to the dam known Sardar Sarovar on the Narmada River, the statue, of steel and reinforced concrete-coated bronze, reaches 182 meters, twice as the statue of liberty in New York and 29 meters more than the Buddha of the T sponsorship of spring in China, which until today was the title of the statue of greater height in the world.

"We are proud to participate in this project as monumental, and have done since the phase of conceptualization, in which we carry out a meticulous study of screening that led to the choice of the series Crimson as the optimal solution for the mapping of" projection of the statue of unity", says Ajay Parwaney, CEO of Pyramid Technologies.

Christie mapping unit statueParwaney points out that the choice of the Crimson series of Christie responds to various reasons, among which they highlighted that is and a light solid state laser source with an IP5X enclosure hermetic in a resistant and compact housing, as well as their ability to project for years with reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation.

"For the customer, those specifications are important because the system chosen should be resistant to the inclement weather. But in addition, the possibility of using lenses with the shot long, and capable of projecting images of great brilliance and power on the entire surface of a statue of 182 metres high, was another reason to make the Crimson series with the project" , adds Parwaney.

Crimson WU25 51 models used in the 30-minute sound and light show will be housed in an enclosure that is specialized and customized, suitable to the enormity of the application, and are installed in a room of projections located 600 metres from the monument. Specialized mirror mechanisms make it possible that spotlights deployed a few Visual filled with color on the statue from long distance.

"Currently, our market share in permanent installations of projection in the country mapping is 90%, with a 80% share in over 10,000 lumens projectors," explains Sean James, EVP of the division of business and Christie entertainment.

Christie mapping unit statue

Masterpiece of architecture and engineering

The local media have described the statue of unity, whose construction lasted four years, from "masterpiece of architecture and engineering". It is a realistic and accurate representation of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in position to start walking and wearing his characteristic outfit.

The late Indian leader, who was nicknamed 'the India iron man', played a crucial role in the struggle for the independence of the country, guiding it towards its integration into a United, independent nation.

The main attractions of the monument include his viewpoint, which at an altitude of 153 metres offers breathtaking views of the Narmada dam; the Museum on the life of Sardar Patel, housed in the base of the statue; and mapping that projected on its surface a spectacle of light and sound in which the life of the Indian hero is reviewed.

Designed for fixed or rental events, Christie's Crimson Series models are rugged and easy to transport, operate and install, thanks to their compact form factor, quiet operation and 360-degree orientation. With its durable shine (20,000 hours of light), pump-proof reliability, TruLife Electronics and BoldColor Technology, the Crimson series combines the best in solid-state lighting with ideal brightness and color in large spaces, live events and heavy-duty environments.

Statue of the unit

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By • 7 Nov, 2018
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