The presentation of the second report of the Observatory Vodafone companies has been the chosen event to unfold this curved screen of large-format 69 m2 and resolution close to 5K for an immersive staging.

Sono Observatory vodafone

The event of Vodafoneheld in the Auditorio Gabriela Mistral, in the Casa de América in Madrid, to present their second study on the State of the digitization of the companies and Spanish public administrations has been with I'm make a sunset to shocking scene: a large curved screen, 23 × 3 meters, which also offered a resolution of nearly 5K to create a surround effect at the hearing.

The system whereby the Led modules are assembled allows to create concave or convex, forms according to the angle of anchorage, achieving spectacular stage compositions and, above all, easy Assembly.

Sono Observatory vodafone

On this occasion, the concave curvature of the screen offered maximum visibility to the attendees from all positions, making the entire space in a scenario based immersive it oblique. The management of content on screen was conducted with system Ship E2 and the EC200 controller.

In addition to the installation of this innovative audiovisual equipment, Sono was also responsible for the lighting and the sound of the Auditorium, offering the services of recording and live streaming for this business event, which could be through social networks of Vodafone (Youtube, Facebook Live and Periscope).

Sono Observatory vodafone

The audience for this event audio system was based on equipment from manufacturer L’Acoustic, with speakers 12 X and 5XT, Sb18 subwoofers and amplifiers.

The light of this room control was carried out with the lighting console Chamsys MQ500, to manage foci of trimming and fesnel as front light, four Luma 1500, 18Q UO65 LumiPar par led moving heads and fifteen led par WIFI Smartbar.

Sono Observatory vodafone

The presentation of the second report of the Observatory Vodafone companies showed increased interest in the Spanish corporate market by incorporating the latest digital technology-based systems (cloud, IoT and big data).

Despite this trend, Spanish companies are giving priority to investments in security and connectivity, according to this report, which places public authorities as the most conscious with the scanning.

Sono Observatory vodafone

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By • 7 Nov, 2018
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