The thousands of visitors who visit this dynamic space of New York are now active part of stories that are shown in this installation Led interactive.

coolture impact Leyard

When people around the world visit the iconic Times Square in New York, the impact is assured with its numerous digital displays, street performers and bustle. Now this visual space has added a unique video art installation in which visitors form an active part of it.

Located in the southwest corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, twelve windows located on the ground level of the port authority Bus Terminal in New York have been transformed in Coolture Impact, an interactive installation of video wall designed with sensitive technology to the movement of people.

This dozen digital windows, 2 meters high, are pictures of LAIA Cabrera & Coformed by the Spanish filmmaker Laia Cabrera and the French entertainer Isabelle Duverger, which will see up to 24 November, and followed by others.

coolture impact Leyard

Dynamic technological environment for large audiences

A motion sensor camera tracking system allows bystanders to digital and artistic canvases come alive with their own movements of the hands, which translates to the screen as a creative representation that captures gestures of the audience.

This technological environment, in which movement sensitive works of art can be delivered to mass audiences, is designed with a software system for interactive framework developed by the specialist in interactive installations NoirFlux and a ZED 3D camera detection depth and movement of Stereolabsa developer of solutions for stereoscopic film and broadcast environments.

Specific responses to the outstanding artwork from Coolture Impact programming are displayed in real time through the series Led screens Laird TVH with a pixel ultra-fine pitch of 2.5 mm, with compact Led cabinets that provide a snug fit for any size or configuration of videowall application 24/7 with high picture quality.

coolture impact Leyard

Development of interactive art for public spaces

The initiative of this installation part of Coolturespecializing in cultural events and branding in spaces emblematic, both public and private. With the support of the port authority of New York, the company has assembled a team of video artists, filmmakers, designers, interactive, developers of software and engineers to create this unique installation, produced by the Organization of I profit Cultural semiotics Alliance)CSA), which aims to develop interactive art for public spaces.

Este espacio frente a la Terminal de Autobuses de la Autoridad Portuaria, por donde pasan más de 250.000 viajeros y turistas cada día, era un entorno idóneo para esta dinámica instalación. “Es una zona urbana muy concurrida y poco urbanizada. Nuestra intención era proveer de un respiro visual e interactivo a las cientos de miles de personas que pasan por ese icónico tramo de Times Square y revitalizar la zona, creando un impacto positivo a través del arte interactivo”, explica Ana Calvo de Luis, fundadora y directora general de Coolture.

coolture impact Leyard

Spanish artistic creativity

The first interactive installation in the walls of Coolture Impact It has been The NowLaia Cabrera & Co, offering a journey to magical worlds, hidden spaces and participatory environments with animated stories, in which people can engage with their movements, advancing the narrations through interaction.

"The Led screens in Leyard videowall configuration have brightness suitable for visibility during the day, and at night the installation is simply amazing - added Coolture directive-." This is an example of how we can create a truly immersive experience and a social impact by combining art with avant-garde technologies. Art is the language and the technology is the means to communicate it."

coolture impact Leyard

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By • 20 Nov, 2018
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