A spectacular lighting design, along with advanced sound for live performances and a surprising audiovisual staging systems are part of this spectacle of reference on the undercard of Madrid.

33 the musical flüge

Backed by the success of audience since it premiered at the end of last November, 33. the Musical It has become the reference show season in Madrid, with an ambitious staging that leaves no one indifferent.

A differential proposal in theater musical (in this case ephemeral) part from its location, in the new multipurpose centre created ad hoc-called area 33, located in Ifema -Feria de Madrid, which has more of 7,000 m2 and a tent, vaulted and with heating, of 2,100 m2 and 19 meters in height.

33 the musical flügeThis space has been created a theatre to the Italian, with capacity for more than a thousand people, and a stage with a huge scenic mouth of 14 meters, one of the largest conducted so far in Spain.

Under the production of White Kite productions, commanded by Felipe Garcia-Quirós and Nacho Alonso, the show conceived and directed by tone married count with the support of Pinama investments and technological supply (sound, lighting and video) of flight.

In this sense, the sound made by the specialist Javier Isequilla, design has the systems of Meyer Sound as a basis, for the sound of the scene both live performances by artists.

33 the musical flügeIn particular, the PA system of the show is composed in the rigging eight systems line-array MG-Leopard/900, Speaker mounting MYA-UPA, MUB-UPJ stands, boxes line array Leopard, with an equal number of subwoofer of this series, besides subwoofer 900-LFC and self-amplifying MYA-UPJ, as main elements of this manufacturer, which are managed by a control SD10 surface iCore2 of Digico.

Similarly, the work features a spectacular lighting design, responsibility of Carlos Torrijos, with Spot moving heads of the VL3500Q model of Philips effects(1); luminaires Pointe, BMFL sphere with battery Washbeam, Spot and the Czech firm bars Led FX8 Robe, junto con sistemas Martin Rush, controlado con una mesa GrandMA2 de MA Lighting.

En cuanto al entorno visual, se utiliza un proyector DLP láser de Panasonic, en concreto el modelo de 8.500 lúmenes y resolución WUXGA para uso intensivo PT-RZ870.

33 el musical ifema fluge

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By • 11 Dec, 2018
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