The project has been executed by the specialist Partyson, which has installed twenty-six acme moving heads and more than 30.000 watts of JBL Professional sound.

Kumarah Club Partyson Earpro

Located in the town of Las Rozas, northwest of Madrid, the disco Kumarah Club is one of the most exclusive rooms in the city, with more than 1.400 M2and a total capacity for 1.000 people. With the purpose of staying in this line and bringing new sensations to customers, its managers have wanted to improve in a unique way their different environments.

specifically, Partyson, responsible for the execution of the project, has created five five lighting universes and installed more than 30.000 watts of sound from JBL Professional, brand represented by Earpro in the Iberian market.

Kumarah Club Partyson Earpro

In the center of the track a large hanging structure has been installed, with three circular trusses, in which fourteen XP-16R hybrid moving heads and four Solaris CM-S6 are located; while in each corner of the track an XP-16R has been placed, a Solaris and an LP-1080 color change panel, thus completing a total of twenty-six moving heads of Acme.

To the above are added three PAR MP-12FC units, four Led-BL4 blinders and two LP-1080 color change panels, also from Acme, that are in the scenario of 25 M2, where the cabin is located.

This large deployment of lighting systems is controlled from a lighting console, located in the cabin, that is connected to a system consisting of ELC Lighting (switch and nodes) and Visual Productions (keypad and controller), to manage lighting sessions.

Kumarah Club Partyson Earpro

DLS5DC switch creates an Ethernet network and connects to two nodes (DLN1 and DLN3S models), that facilitate the connection of another table to take control of the lighting of the room, without having to disconnect the main console. This makes it easy for groups and guest artists to use their own consoles easily., fast and secure.

likewise, the switch also connects with the DLN6X node, located on the opposite side of the track, converting the Art-Net signal into a DMX protocol to establish a connection with a Visual Productios B-Station keypad.

Thanks to this simple button panel, any member of the Kumarah Club staff can launch the decorative lighting memories to light up the room on the occasion of visits or corporate events, just by pressing a button. Memories that have previously been recorded and saved on the Quadcore controller, from the same manufacturer.Kumarah Club Partyson Earpro

As far as sound is concerned, Partyson trusted JBL Professional, with the installation of eight SRX815 passive APs and six SRX828S subwoofers on the ground floor track, amplified with seven DCi power stages 2|1250 of Crown Audio.

In the same way, arranged four SRX815, amplified with two DCi power stages 2|1250, in the two premises upstairs. As for the monitoring for the DJ's, two SRX815P self-powered APs were installed.. All connected through cables Klotz.

As far as the sound control room is concerned, a mixing desk has been installed Soundcraft Yes Performer 3, four self-powered Control speakers with a CDi power stage 2|300, different signal processors BSS Audio (two BLU-100 drives, three BLU-BOB2) and a BLU-8v2BLK programmable zone controller.

Thanks to this control system all areas of the disco have been integrated, with the possibility of managing them, indistinctly, from the control room. Despite the complexity of the project, the results obtained have been very positive, in which the disco has created a unique and innovative space for its customers.

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by • 13 Dec, 2018
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