This compact powered enclosure has a narrow format, specially designed for installations with limited space or small scenarios.

Meyer-USW - 210 p rms pro audio SoundThe new subwoofer USW-210 p of Meyer Sound It is configured with two 10 "speakers, contributing to a greater and better output than the typical designs of a single 12" speaker. As a result, this compact subwoofer is a good alternative when you need reliable power in serious, maintaining minimum dimensions of width and depth in the enclosure.

As explained by Pablo Espinosa, vp. and Chief Designer of Meyer Sound loudspeakers, "created it for a client, that he wanted music playback of full-range at the points of sale of your business. As its architect had limited the dimensions allowed for speakers, we had that USW-210 p fits the space. It exceeded all expectations of performance and we decided to put it at the disposal of all guests in our product line "."

USW-210 p operates in a frequency range of 30 Hz to 140 Hz, with a peak linear SPL 126 dB at 1 meter using pink noise. The long and narrow bass reflex enclosure uses the same port design that the subwoofer 1100-LFC of Meyer Sound, and thus offer high efficiency and low distortion of port.

Small size (104, 98 × 30, 48 and 30.48 cm depth), and a weight of 24.6 Kg, it has a connector panel inclined to be mounted flush with the wall surface. It is also a power amplifier class D of two channels, with dedicated internal rocesamiento that includes crossover, driver protection and correction of frequency and phase.

Meyer-USW - 210 p rms pro audio SoundThe built-in crossover accepts signals from full-range, facilitating system configurations in string for the distribution of signals, as well as eliminating the addition of external crossovers in smaller systems.

This system of Meyer Sound intelligent AC power supply, brand distributed in Spain by RMS Pro audio, It provides automatic selection of voltage, EMI filter, ignition of soft power and surge suppression.

The optional module of the remote RMS system provides complete monitoring of the parameters of the speaker from a computer (Mac or Windows), running through the interface RMServer Compass control software. Optional 5-pin XLR connectors allow the use of composite cables to transport both balanced audio signals and RMS.

The USW-210 p subwoofer is supplied with M8 mounting at the top and bottom points. In addition to the horizontal positioning, the enclosure can also be mounted independently in vertical (connectors at the top or bottom), using a plate optional aluminium base. Also available optionally a U for wall or ceiling mounting-bracket.

Updates of the Compass and MAPP XT programs

Meyer sound MAPP-XT update and Compass LeopardOn the other hand, Meyer Sound has introduced updates to your systems MAPP XT and the Compass control software design tool, offering greater integration between the two platforms, along with new optimized workflows, as well as the inclusion of data from new products.

New version of MAPP XT (1.2.2) now provides the ability to perform operations of copying and pasting within the field of sound, a feature that accelerates the design process. In addition, it has sets of design data for the new subwoofer USW-210 p and enclosures for cinema Acheron.

The predictive capability is now available for enclosures Meyer Sound Leopard stacks on the floor configurations and she is complete with subwoofer 900-LFC, as well as to Lina subwoofer 750-LFC.

As for the Compass control software versions, the most significant advance is the ability of users to open a MAPP XT compass project and make it automatically fill output processing, integration of delay and correction of matrix and the labelling of channels.

It also includes the integration of delay to several of the latest products of Meyer Sound, including the ultra compact enclosure for facilities UP-4slim and the new sub compact USW-210 p. In addition, the integration of delay has expanded to include roof Ashby enclosures and UP-4XP.

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