Wavefront Precision Longbow has been designed as a complete system. It includes multi-channel amplifiers from the iKon series, Display automated optimization software and the Vu-Net control platform.

Martin Audio WPL

Martin Audio a new model has joined its Wavefront Precision. It is of the Wavefront accuracy Longbow (WPL) that offers high performance, optimization, flexibility and control for touring and installation applications on a large scale.

Martin Audio WPLDesigned as a complete system with multichannel amplifiers from the iKon series, Display automated optimization software and the Vu-Net control platform, WPL provides affordability to the highest levels of touring and audio facilities, from concerts in stadiums and festivals to outdoor facilities in closed temples and scenarios.

With the launch of the Wavefront (WPM and WPC) Precision series in 2017, arose the concept of scalable resolution which refers to exploitation optimizing the technology behind systems of Martin Audio MLA series in a new format of line array multicellular with a scalable and amplified approach to externally.

WPL is a multicellular linear array capable of obtaining a very high performance for its size and weight moderate full-scale. It is a three-way system and bi that he achieves very high performance by using the patented technology of the seal of Martin Audio, which increases the acoustic output in half both the low frequencies and high at the same time.

Incorporates two drivers of 12 (300 mm) with a Hybrid horn/reflex, two drivers of cone 6, 5″ (165 mm) which covers the range of vowel frequency of 300 Hz to 4 kHz and 3 HF drivers of 1″ (25 mm) exit operating from 4 kHz.

Martin Audio WPL

Each section presents innovative techniques of load of the Horn and improvements that elevate their acoustic performance, both in terms of output and soft horizontal coverage of 90° to the speakers middle and high frequency patterns.

Sonically, the WPL exemplary horizontal dispersion pattern translates in a frequency response very consistent off-axis, with a minimum variation of the response in the shaft.

Martin Audio WPL

The maximum point of departure of the LF, Mid and HF sections are 139dB, 140dB and 145dB by enveloping a meter's Crest and 6 d B respectively, which guarantees that a WPL arrangement will comply with the most demanding requirements of reach and clarity in larger venues and event s outdoor.

The WPL will be exposed in IF 2019, followed by shows at the Open Days of Martin Audio United Kingdom in March.

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By • 18 Jan, 2019
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