The new technology of perfect processing of pixels that has been incorporated into the network audiovisual solution DM NVX has been developed in association with Intel and intoPIX.

Crestron ISE 2019

Among the novelties that are filing Crestron in IF 2019 is the next generation of its audiovisual network solution DM NVX, which incorporates the new technology of perfect pixel processing.

For its development, Crestron has worked with Intel e intoPIX to offer a solution as explained from the company "is not possible to tell the difference between DM NVX video and a video live. As it is the case with the previous generation, there is no latency and there is support for more video than in the case of third-party formats".

Crestron has also added new products to the DM NVX family: DM-NVX-E30 and DM-NVX-D30: are coding or decoder units that support HDMI connectivity and analog audio, with an additional flexibility for basic terminals when only is they need audio and video. All additional DM NVX products can benefit the perfect processing of pixels with a free firmware upgrade.

Crestron ISE 2019

DM NVX is a scalable solution that includes audio, USB 2.0, and control through a single encoder/decoded. This reduces the cost of the system and adds flexibility. It offers all this in 1 Gb existing infrastructure, eliminating the high costs and new wiring installation disorder.

This family of solutions leverages the 802.1 x authentication, the AES encryption and technology Active Directory to provide enterprise level product-level security. In addition, with the network team DM NVX Director is configurable and implement thousand DM NVX terminals at the same time that you needed to configure only one audiovisual device in the traditional way.

Crestron ISE 2019

Integration with Apple

On the other hand, Crestron is showing on its stand (Hall 2, C20) how to take advantage power of technologies Apple TV, Siri and HomeKit to improve the user experience and the lifestyle of intelligent homes of Crestron customers.

This integration will provide a significant benefit to Crestron clients, to allow IP control of Apple TV, including voice commands through a remote control with touch screen TSR-310, and compatibility with operating system Crestron Home and SIMPL.

"This partnership between Crestron and Apple offers to our residential integrators another powerful tool to improve the user experience and the lifestyle of intelligent homes of Crestron customers", explains Michael Short, director of Marketing Residential Global.

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By • 5 Feb, 2019
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