At its booth, the largest that has had to date in the fair in Amsterdam, is exhibiting its new Quad FHDQ130 screen, IFPD equipment and innovative applications of UHD 4K projection.

Optoma ISE 2019

Optoma He has returned to Integrated Systems Europe)IF) with stand (Hall 1, 1-F90) larger that it has had to date. A space which is showing its new solution screens Quad Led, innovative imaging applications in real life, UHD 4K projectors professional and consumer, interactive flat screens (IFPD) and audio products.

"ISE is the most important platform for Optoma teach the latest developments in audio and display technology to customers and partners. "We are very excited to officially launch the new series of screens Quad Led and show some Led displays indoor large format, projection equipment and IFPD solutions", says Thierry Millet, general manager of Optoma EMEA.

The products that are being exhibited in Amsterdam are designed for corporate, educational, professional installation and entertainment markets.

Solutions that can see the visitors who come to the booth include new Quad FHDQ130 series Led display. A team Full HD 1080 p all in one of 130 inches.

Pixel SMD 4 in 1 of the Quad series allows a smooth screen surface, a wide viewing angle and a more robust design. With an ECO standby mode friendly < 0.5W, which complies with the regulations of ErP, reduces energy consumption, which saves on costs.

HQUltra integrated technology and Media Player eliminates the need for any additional separate device associated with traditional Led solutions.

A completely simplified Assembly process reduces installation time required, from days to hours, and the total cost of the project.

Display indoor Full HD and 4K UHD

At the fair, Optoma will show two of its display Led Display Full HD solutions fully optimized 1080 p: a 180-inch and 2.0 mm pixel (FHD20422) and another 136 inch and 1.5 mm pixel pitch (FHD153169). designed and supplied as a single solution include everything from cables to preconfigured processors.

They can be mounted directly on a wall suitable mounting frame, which combined with front access provides quick, low cost and easy maintenance installation.

Another solution that can be seen is the full range of Led, THD series panels. Available in 1.5 to 3.9 mm pixels, they can be configured to meet any need for screen, which allows complete flexibility in the resolution and the size of the screen.

Climbers of high speed

Visitors are invited to test the last climber switches for high speed change by themselves.

With HQUltra 4K image processing, they provide the best image quality and low latency video processing.

New LS1000 LED scaler-switcher includes customizable connectivity with a modular design and 4K 60 Hz scale 4: 4: 4, PiP of four screens and switching.

Flat-panel displays interactive (IFPD)

At the stand are also showing new multi-touch interactive flat panel displays. Resolution 4K UHD and a touch screen of 20 points, make presentations and exchange of ideas to come alive in the educational, corporate environments and B2B.

Available in 65, 75 and 86 inch sizes, and designed with anti-reflecting, a blue light filter and a wide viewing angle, reduce visual fatigue at the time that provide crisp images and real.

ZK1050 & ZU1050 projector

Optoma has partnered with Vioso to show a great mix of five meters with four projectors UHD 4K ZK1050. This technology equipment MCL (Multi Color Laser) is the latest addition to the DuraCore range, which combines a light source of longevity and a powder with classification IP-independent certification.

On the other hand, it partnered with HeavyM to present the possibilities of projection mapping and to highlight the ease of use and flexibility that are offered from the fusion of the intuitive HeavyM software and laser ZU1050 DuraCore WUXGA projector.

Experiences gamming

For the entertainment and the gamming environment, Optoma offers a platform of games for trampolines created by ValoMotion. For installation has been used 10,000 lumens of Optoma projector laser Zura ZU1050. A model WUXGA with technology MCL (Multi Color Laser) designed for continuous 24 × 7 operation in challenging environments, making it suitable for applications requiring a constant performance.

On the other hand, in collaboration with ScanComputers, is showing two Professional 4 K UHD projectors with the latest single-chip DLP technology: laser ZK750 DuraCore and 4K550ST with a short-throw lens.

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