Panasonic Business confirms in ISE 2019 its full transition to laser technology for projections of high brightness, with the incorporation of two units laser 4K which are attached to the expansion of its range of 4K screens.

Panasonic in ISE 2019

Panasonic go to this ISE 2019 with a stand focused on three main areas of business: stage rental, for rental and ephemeral events; public display, for fixed installation, and collaborationfocused on educational, corporate, environment... where is collaboration the pillar.

What most draws the attention of the area of stage rental It is an awesome inflatable semidomo, which thanks to a dozen of projectors offers a visual journey around the world.

The main novelty for high-end rental sector is the launch of a 50,000 lumens (PT-RQ50K) projector, a compact, lightweight solution that offers a vibrant 4K.

Panasonic PT-RQ50KPT-RQ50K projector is the brightest of the Panasonic range and also the first model of 50,000 lumens in the world, offering considerable savings in installation and configuration.

With its True 4K resolution and the implementation of separate units of phosphorus laser Solid Shine in red and blue, the projector promises to create vibrant and enveloping images using the advanced level of colour reproduction.

Also, the addition of three new objectives without being moved in the range of 1 to 3 Panasonic chip DLPTM projectors allows greater versatility in live events and environments surround, such as museums and parks theme. Thanks to its innovative design - in the form of L-It eliminates the problem of the displacement of the screen associated with the projection of images from short distances.

Panasonic in ISE 2019Jan Markus Jahn, director of Visual-Panasonic System SolutionsIt has excelled in ISE "Panasonic has a market share of 80% in the sector of projections in events live, and our 50,000 lumens projector will keep the leading position of the range in the sector with regard to the relationship between size and brightness". It is worth noting that the new projector will require a set of special lenses.

As a result of the integration of the divisions of media and Visual on the new unit of media entertainment Panasonic, the Japanese multinational exhibits in this area numerous solutions that respond to the demand for production of high quality content in events such as cameras broadcast, multipurpose, mixers...

Panasonic in ISE 2019In ISE 2019, visitors can see the benefits of producing live with the model AW-UE150, the first camera PTZ integrated HDR which includes 4K 50 p.

In addition, the AW-RP150 remote features a large LCD display for monitoring and configuration menus, with a great ease of use and a handy joystick with one hand, what is added to the traditional operation with two hands to manage all the control functions. In addition, Panasonic introduces his collaborations with Tecnopoint, I recommend and KST, offering versatile broadcasting solutions.

Another of the innovations in the category of wrap-around environments is the launch of 1-chip DLPTM - model PT-RQ100-, ideal projector for producing attractive digital content. With a brightness of 10,000 lumens and advanced color technology, is designed to improve the experience of visitors.

Some of its features are the pixel shift technology to achieve ultra high definition resolution (3.840 × 2.400) and a harmonizer of color of great intensity to expand the color reproduction. In addition, the projector offers 20,000 hours of operation without maintenance.

Panasonic in ISE 2019

The connected classroom

In the educational sector, the company raises its concept of the so-called extended classroomthat he intends to return the focus of the learning college students. The highlights of the collaborative technologies of Panasonic and other manufacturers using the extended classroom conecta uno de sus proyectores con múltiples pantallas táctiles interactivas y capacitivas de 43″ y cámaras PTZ en directo mediante un único cable LAN.

In this way, technology promotes an exchange of fluid content and a level of participation that increases the capabilities of students, both at the level of involvement and retention of the information.

In this classroom of the future, already present, Panasonic exhibited its new proposal of projection laser LCD, which will have updates on 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 lumens (VMZ series).

Panasonic in ISE 2019His stand is a demonstration of a blending RZ120 projectors, which enable sharing projects in large areas of projection-based.

On the video wall technology, two new panels were added to the range of professional LCD displays, including the model TH-55VF2 that provides frameworks to date more fines in the world (0.88 mm only).

The models in this range are ideal to display dynamic content in multiple screens for business meeting rooms or in store marketing displays. Also, a new LCD display Professional (TH-55LFV9) extends the LFV series and has 3.5 mm ultra-thin frames

Panasonic has also added ten new panels to its range of 4K screens, which now includes 18 different models in total. On the expansion of high-end series SQ1 four new screens in sizes from 43 to 65″, added to the already existing 86″, and 98 have been incorporated which guarantees a unique range of systems to 500 cd/m2.

In this series, also has been added now a proposal Premium formed by model CQ1, 400 candelas and SQ1, with 500 candelas and working 24/7, and especially suitable for 16/7 operating environments.

In its space in ISE 2019, Panasonic raises its visitors a special tour of a Museum, where the paintings have been replaced by their new display.

Finally, note that the manufacturer has also presented six new models of screens, corresponding to the new CQ1 series of commercial Basic Visual systems, ranging from the 43 and the 86″, each of which offers 400 cd/m2 and sixteen hours of uninterrupted daily operation.

Panasonic in ISE 2019

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