The American manufacturer has expanded its portfolio to this market with a comprehensive platform formed by advanced speakers, amplifiers, DSP, redesigned software products and drivers.

BOSE ise2019

New and modern line of music for commercial environments of Bose Professional It is one of the attractions of its involvement in ISE 2019 (hall 7 - stand C200), which comes in first in this event to system integrators, consultants and customers.

Specifically, the manufacturer has developed twelve new models of speakers DesignMax, easy to install and in a variety of sizes (for roof and surface, black and white, in addition to options of subwoofer) and five profitable amplifiers PowerSpace) two of them with DSP built-in).

BOSE ise2019This new portfolio presenting Bose Professional fair, brand that it sold in the Spanish market GapsAdd two processors of sound with a simplified configuration tool; three ControlCenter digital controllers and a software tool updated Online - Business music system designer-, which facilitates and speeds up the design of systems of music for commercial environments.

As explained by Adam Shulman, chief marketing officer of Bose Professional, "we have listened to nuestrospartners, and every aspect of the new solutions was designed directly from reviews, to meet and respond to the needs of a wide variety of" installation projects, whether small, large, simple or complex".

BOSE ise2019As part of this comprehensive platform are the sound processors for commercial environments, CSP-1248 and CSP-428, designed to function as DSP independent applications such as restaurants and shops or in any public place that requires a simple process and a high quality sound.

Another novelty in this respect are the amplifiers PowerSpace, a new line of five cost-effective systems that provide appropriate levels of power and DSP options for commercial applications of first level.

Bose professional ise2019 teamPowerSpace line, consisting of the P4300A, P2600A and P21000A models (2 300, 2 × 600 × and 2 × 1000 watts, respectively) are integrated seamlessly into the growing line of speakers, processors, and devices of control of Bose Professional, which includes three models with connectivity Bose AmpLink, and two teams with an integrated DSP.

These power amplifiers are particularly suitable for applications of area expansion and enhance any commercial installation thanks to its reliable power and digital connectivity. A Bose AmpLink input allows you to have multiple channels of uncompressed digital audio and low-latency from processors of digital sound of Bose with a single Cat 5 cable.

Speaker array for outdoor installation

Bose ArenaMatchBose also presents in the contest ArenaMatch DeltaQ array speakers and the ArenaMatch Utility for outdoor installations. The first incorporate DeltaQ technology, in order to offer a quality of sound, consistency, vocal clarity and flexibility improved for installations outdoors, such as stadiums and arenas, entertainment to the outdoors, etc...

Since they have weatherproof IP55 rating, ArenaMatch DeltaQ modules allow you to easily design arrays of durable and reliable speakers exterior that deliver a consistent sound for listeners.

ArenaMatch offers a turnkey solution for complete outdoor sound systems. Designers can use modules of array ArenaMatch of 40 ° for point source applications, and modules of 10°, 20° and 40° for linear arrays, all with the same transducers, in order to obtain a balance tonal consistent.

The combination of the ArenaMatch speakers with speakers ArenaMatch Utility provide coverage of reinforcing consistent and complementary, which allows to equalize the system more easily.

Access to special ISE 2019 in Digital AV

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By • 6 Feb, 2019
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