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Sony ise2019

"We are pleased to offer attendees to ISE 2019 the opportunity to experience our latest Edge Analytics Appliance, see our new projectors and know firsthand the innovations of intelligent buildings".

With these words, Damien Weißenburger, responsible for educational and corporate solutions of Sony Professional Solutions Europe, he explained, the proposal that the company is presenting during ISE 2019 (hall 1 - stand N20); a contest "which gives us the opportunity to collaborate with our AV partners and share knowledge to define together the future of work and education".

Sony ise2019

Immersion without limits with Crystal Led

It's greater display system that Sony, throughout his career, has shown in Europe and which captures the role this year during their participation in the contest in Amsterdam.

The characteristics of Crystal Led so guarantee it, with a stunning display of 8 K x 4 K without frame, unique scalability, accurate reproduction of coloresy optimal image quality, possible thanks to the contrast ratio of more than 1,000. 000: 1, produce content Hyper at any scale, with a viewing angle of 180°.

Crystal Led offers a "definitive solution", ensure from the manufacturer, to the automotive industry, shops, areas for reception, exhibitions and places of entertainment (theme parks, games/e-sports and cinemas).

Sony ise2019

Create and improve video content

Another of the innovations presented by Sony at ISE 2019 is its Edge Analytics Appliance of latest generation based on artificial intelligence - called REA-C1000-, which is meant to revolutionize the presentations in schools and companies.

REA-C1000 uses machine learning based on artificial intelligence technology, and is able to analyze and understand automatically content video in real time to improve the quality of the visual content and enhance the understanding of the public.

Already be used in presentations, meetings, conferences or seminars, Edge Analytics Appliance power a better connection between public and Rapporteur, which gives presenters the ability to reach every attendee, in any environment, by remote .

To enhance the presence of the rapporteur, REA-C1000 incorporates a unique extraction technology of manual writing, which extracts and improves the contents handwritten by a Rapporteur on a black or white board, recognizing characters written and overlapping them about the speaker in real time on a second screen.

Sony ise2019

This allows members of the public to follow the thread of the rapporteur without losing their gestures and expressions, even if they are at the back of the auditorium or participate in a telematic presentation.

Thanks to engineering custom developed over several years by specialists in recognition of Sony Pictures, Edge Analytics Appliance is designed to work with cameras from manufacturer, as their models PTZ and XDCAM camcorders, among other sources, including devices portable or desktop through a single HDMI connection.

The CG overlay without chroma; PTZ auto tracking; the cut-out of focus area or the foreground by gestures are other features of REA-C1000, visitors can check in their booth with live demonstrations of the Edge Analytics solution.

Sony led ise2019 crystal

More intelligent installation for new projectors

Expanding its range of projectors laser, Sony dedicates a space featured in your stand to present two new installation projectors: VPL-FHZ75, with 6,500 lumens, and VPL-FHZ70, 5500 lumens.

These compact projectors laser and WUXGA resolution achieved an exceptional image quality, combining the technologies of image of the manufacturer (which includes a newly developing LCD panel), of increase in resolution Reality Creationand a long-lasting Phosphor-Z laser light source.

Both projectors include a feature pioneer of 'intelligent Setup', which allows you to quickly find the optimal settings and guarantees a stable and reliable operation in the long run.

Sony ise2019 teos

Teos solutions for intelligent buildings and workspace management

Another proposal from Sony at ISE 2019, which adds new controls and functionality designed to expand its functionality and impact throughout the corporate environment is the latest update of its set of solutions Teos - Manage 2.0 - for intelligent buildings .

Among other improvements from Teos Manage is a universal application for employees, a new complement of control rooms and a universal sensor for meeting rooms. Visitors can see at the booth and in action the Teos solutions for management of buildings, reception, reservation and control rooms in corporate environments.

Sony edge analytics appliance ise2019

More collaboration in learning withVision Exchange

Sony has unveiled on the first day of the event the latest enhancements of its ship logo on interactive presentation and active learning solutions: Vision Exchange 1.2, such as the interface and user experience, extensions of the system and more compatibility with Byod.

At booth demonstrations of Vision Exchange University style are performed to show how to improve the environments for training and learning in different situations within the education sector.

Flexible network content capture: Miris Netcapture

The multinational Japanese announced at the fair his collaboration with UbiCast in Miris Netcapture, new capture solution classes in network view Exchange integrates to create learning content more attractive and interactive video.

While Vision Exchange shares and record content from laptops, smart phones and tablets, front of the class, Miris Netcapture record content broadcast from Vision Exchange and transfers it to MediaServer, video platform of UbiCastfor editing, management, and distribution through a video player dedicated to social learning.

Sony ise2019

This integration eliminates the need of equipping each room with its own recording device. Instead, Miris Netcapture is located permanently in the server room and capture the dynamically relevant classroom session.

In addition, it is a very flexible solution and with future-proof, because it not only captures a recorded presentation that a teacher is showing, but simultaneously while recording the teacher does, as well as the questions and reactions of their students.

Virtual Production with XDCAM Pocket and PowerPoint

From the company are satisfied of having listened to its users, and following the success achieved by Virtual Production, low production service demand in the cloud, the solution will include new features that occur exclusively in ISE 2019.

Virtual Production is now compatible with application for Mobile Pocket Sony XDCAM, in order to meet the needs of live broadcast of corporate and University events.

The application turns the phone into an XDCAM camcorder, cloud-ready and allows professionals and enterprise environments education to convey its high quality content to social networking or web pages directly from the mobile.

Another absolutely crucial feature for customers corporate and University is able to use PowerPoint as an additional source for the live broadcast of your event.

Thus, Virtual Production now allows professionals change input source to a presentation in PowerPoint to enhance the experience of the spectators. With a live professional solution, users have access to a maximum of six signs of camera, in addition to graphics, logos, and subtitles.

Another attraction for visitors is to know cases of success with Sony technology, such as the the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), Bolton and Swansea, who have improved and promoted the learning Vision Exchange, Teos and solutions of UbiCast.

Access to special ISE 2019 in Digital AV

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