And from this evening on February 17, with three day passes, this nerve center of Madrid returns to recreate with projection, audio and lighting technology to immerse the audience in a spectacular audiovisual tour for its four hundred years of history.

Plaza major madrid mapping2017

The 5,750 m2 of the four facades which form the Plaza Mayor in Madrid will be from 17:30 h today (with passes after 21:00 and 22:00 h) and until February 17 the ideal for projecting the videomapping which was held to commemorate the IV centenary, again This weekend he will close all activities carried out since then, and offer the possibility to those who could not see it in 2017 (a breakthrough in the attached video).

On this occasion there will be passes accessible for people with functional diversity, in particular on Sunday, February 17, at 19.30 and 21.00 and 22.00 hours, with teams of audio description, magnetic loop, and vibratory backpacks for amplified sound, which they should pick up half an hour before the passes in the statue of Felipe III, in the center of the square.

Plaza major madrid mapping2017This spectacular videomapping, that more than 24,000 people were in his first exhibition for three days as part of varied cultural programming carried out by the City of Madrid for this event, has been awarded the first prize for the best Cultural event in the B.E.A. World (Best Events Award) Awards 2017 and with equal recognition to the best Audiovisual 360º in the Visual Artist Awards 2018.

Designed and created by Oscar Teston, director of Grass Cinema and creator of the portal of Visual and zapping VjspainThis projection in 360 ° is completed with the music of the composer Rubén Kielmannsegge, accompanying the visual journey with one music with touches of Baroque, epic and Cinematic Orchestra.

As well, the public who wants to enjoy during this weekend of this immersive, eighteen-minute projection, will enjoy a singular audiovisual journey through the history of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, which begins in the 16th century when it was a small Lake on the outskirts of the town and Court, in which the Kings hunted ducks.

The historic tour continues by coronations and the beatification of San Isidro and the Baroque festivals that are celebrated in this space, including also the most tragic part when also was scene of executions, until you reach the goyescas festivals, the bullfighting and the fires that suffered until its reconstruction, at the end of the 18th century.

Technology is the key element for this show, which uses virtually the same equipment the first time. In general terms (details on) digital AV), twenty-four projectors, with a luminosity 40,000 to 20,000 lumens, offering a joint power of 880,000 lumens, with a resolution of 20.500 × 1.440 pixels; In addition to what some forty light projectors and eight sound towers spread along the perimeter of the square.

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By • 15 Feb, 2019
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