Located in The Market Puerto Rico shopping center and one of the most important tourist areas of the island, this new establishment offers a network of monitors large format, digital board and also externally visible Led screens menu.

Dj3 spar market puerto rico Canarias

The chain Spar Gran Canaria It has opened one of its largest and most innovative in the new mall stores The Puerto Rico Market of this Canary Island; that with more than 2,000 square meters of surface stresses by the combination of themes and products gourmet, as well as new services of sale, together with the Spar Natural store, dedicated to organic and natural products of all kinds.

As part of this commercial bet, responsible for the chain have deployed a complete solution of dynamic communication, which combines a large format monitors circuit; two menu board digital, each configured with three monitors, as well as four Led screens located in the windows of two shops.

Dj3 spar market puerto rico CanariasThe specialist Dj3 Networks It has carried out all the audiovisual system integration based on solutions of NEC Display Solutions Europe. In particular, for circuit monitors and menu digital board have combined teams of professional range, with sizes of 40 and 43 ", together with the intensive (24/7).

For Center showcases a spectacular custom Poster Led solution, overhead suspension based on low pitch and high brightness Led modules, has been developed which ensures a correct visualization and legibility of content from the outside of the Mall.

Dj3 spar market puerto rico CanariasThis project of digital dynamic communication is complemented by a new version of the TurnoGest queue management system, developed by Dj3 Networks. This solution gives service to all sections of the Centre and includes interactive kiosks for the issuance of tickets.

In addition, the new version of TurnoGest added information in real-time on the status of each service, so that each section managers can allocate resources to meet peak demand for the service, in addition to generating statistical data about the use of the service.

Dj3 spar market puerto rico CanariasIn the development and broadcast of content, Dj3 Networks has designed a rack of specific emission for each of the screens distributed by the Centre, which combines promotional, corporate content, feeding tips, time, temperature, climate, etc.

At the same time, take advantage of the creative possibilities that offer videowalls, menu board and the Poster Led to present content in an attractive and innovative way in order to capture the attention of customers and passers-by.

Dj3 spar market puerto rico CanariasFor the local ambience designed two independent musical threads that operate synchronously, with a system of virtual voice capable of issuing messages of voice in different languages and thus provide a better service to local customers and the many tourists who make their purchases there.

The new Spar in The Market Puerto Rico has become one of the most important chain in Gran Canaria, where it already has with 182 points of sale and with presence in the 21 municipalities of the island.

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By • 19 Feb, 2019
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