With twelve models to choose from, these new sound systems are particularly suitable for installation in any commercial space.

Bose DesignMax Gaplasa

New DesignMax range of Bose Professional you have available ten choices of speakers and two subwoofers, including Mount in ceiling, surface-mount and the who have classification for outdoor areas, to create systems with audio quality and aesthetics for any application in business, large or small spaces.

Bose DesignMax ranges from 2-inch low-profile models to speakers with a high SPL and 8-inch compression driver. All models provides high quality sound instantly, without the need for equalization or DSP.

La activación de la ecualización de Bose en determinados procesadores de sonido digital Bose y amplificadores inteligentes proporciona un sonido incluso mejor. El procesamiento de SmartBass también se puede activar para mejorarlo aún más a cualquier nivel de volumen. En modelos específicos, el sistema de alineación de dispersión proporciona una respuesta fuera de eje amplia y constante.

Surface housings feature an elegant format, with grilles with a minimum amount of frames and logos that can be removed for DesignMax speakers combine with any decor (they are available in white and black and they can be painted).

Surface mounted models include U-brackets hidden and, thanks to its unique design, says the speaker closer to the wall, which provides a much more orderly appearance.

For installers, the mechanisms of mounting each speaker DesignMax QuickHold s make your mount easier and faster. For surface mounted models, the speaker is inserted into the U QuickHold support. Installers can adjust the tilt and lock levers QuickHold to secure the speaker in place, without the use of tools and in just a few seconds.

In the case of models with ceiling mount, installers can simply push towards the opening in the ceiling speaker. QuickHold mounting arms are adjusted in the site to hold the speaker while the installer completes the task.

This range of Bose Professional, brand that sells in the Spanish market Gapswith Euroblock connectors; ceiling mounting types are rear housings with Plenum-rated, bridges of mosaic and front accessible audio cables that facilitate installation and troubleshooting.

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By • 20 Feb, 2019
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