The super-screen Led curve Daktronics surrounding the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta (USA), known as ' The Halo ', was the great visual protagonist to achieve this spectacular experience of fans.

Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium

Each month of February takes place the most important annual meeting of the American football with the confrontation of the two best teams. On this occasion, the brand new Estadio Mercedes-Benz Located in Atlanta, it hosted the meeting between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

Daktronics He was present once again, for the fifteenth consecutive year, in this great sporting event playing a key role with the sixteen Led screens installed, with a total area of 7,757 square meters, including the world's largest videomarker, Known as The Halo.

This Daktronics curved Led screen measures 17.56 meters high by 327.72 meters in length. To have an idea of its dimensions suffice it to say that a helicopter can fly through it and that its length is equivalent to that of three football fields.

A large totem pole, a triangular and curved videowall, high resolution Led screens and pixel density in the club areas, plus the 5,755 square meters of the curved screen Halo That crowns the stadium are a good example of the uniqueness of the project carried out by Daktronics.

Jay Parker, vice president of live events for this multinational, says that "this year's game is very important for Daktronics, our teams have been used in the grand final over the last fifteen consecutive seasons of professional football. The Led screens used in the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta add up the largest area installed in any stadium of the highest level in the world, with the main objective of offering the highest level of spectacle to the public and improving the experience of the Fans on party days. "

The result of this project and, in particular, this important sporting event, cannot be more positive, as Parker assures: "We are proud to contribute our highest technology to exalting the best sporting events and, in the case of this Match, with the biggest videomarker of the moment. "

A party of this magnitude requires special attention and support, both in the preparation of the event and on the day of the meeting. To do this, Daktronics had four technicians of screens and two of control systems throughout the weekend in which took place the great sporting event.

Daktronics's staff carried out numerous pre-event checks and, during the match, the technical team was alerted to any incidents that might occur. Finally, all Daktronics systems and screens worked perfectly.

Sarah Rose, vice president of Daktronics Services, recognizes that "we have become accustomed to supporting the highest-level sporting events and with the highest audience year after year. The fact of having a team of professionals our company in the stadium that houses the event is really an added value that we bring to our customers, something that, unfortunately, sometimes is not taken into account when buying a screen. We are always prepared and available to ensure that everything works as expected. "

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By • 20 Feb, 2019
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