Wireless intercom Bolero and Artist digital matrix are the basis of communications from the two rooms of this important theatre of Tokyo shows to deliver crystal clear audio quality.

Riedel National Theater Japan

Flexible communications and high audio quality have been the requirements that the National Theatre of Japana room of 1,610 seats and another of 590 seats, and in particular its technical department entrusted to the technology of Riedel to support the production of a wide range of traditional theatrical and musical performances.

"Wireless intercoms we have used in the last ten years were unstable and susceptible to radio interference and noise, so we started to look for a more reliable intercommunication with greater robustness of RF system," noted Makoto Ishii, Deputy Director of the technical department at the national theatre of Japan.

After evaluating several intercom systems that provide quality sound, stable performance and ease of installation, technical managers of the theater chose to invest in Artist and Bolero by Riedel intercom systems.

Riedel National Theater Japan

As explained by Tatsuya Fujisawa, engineer of sound from the national theatre of Japan, "since we started using the Bolero system have eliminated the noise and interference, in addition to using the flexibility of wireless system to make improvements continuing our intercom configuration. We are satisfied with the new options that offers us a wrap, how to use our belt as two way radio speaker when it is a preferable alternative to the use of headphones".

Two Artist systems, integrated Bolero wireless intercoms, ensures reliable communications in both rooms of this installation, by connecting to the technical staff with their main control room (MCR).

After using a wrap as your wireless intercom, the theatre has reduced the number of antennas required, as well as the time and cost to install them. This cost savings has facilitated investment in three additional units, with a total of thirteen.

Riedel National Theater Japan

In each room have been arranged five belts Bolero dedicated personnel, and three others for use by management; each with six channels. Each theater professionals also leverage point to point lines to 'call' the MCR directly, rather than relying on a phone as it was before.

"The team of the national theatre of Japan is committed to using the best technology to support their productions live and Bolero is proving to be a great complement - ensures Takako Konishi, sales manager of Riedel Communications Japan-. We are proud of our technology to play a vital role during the traditional Japanese performing arts presentations."

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By • 25 Feb, 2019
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