This screen Led, located in public areas of the site, offers high picture quality and high brightness to display and broadcast content and events from own shopping centre, as well as television signal.

Airesur impactmedia led-go

Seville shopping center Airesur, unique architectural design, which is a glass roof that gives great light to the premises, has incorporated in its latest reform inside digital media Led to inform customers of the latest trades, in addition to used to broadcast events live from the Center.

Taking advantage of his last reform and with the aim of having a distinctive element to accentuate this unique and modern design, specialist in digital advertising in shopping centers Impactmedia (which now forms part of) Exterior Plus) I decided to install a large screen Led to the issuance of the center of content and advertising.

Airesur impactmedia led-go

This screen of Led&Go, 5 × 3 metres, high brightness and resolution of 1.280 × 768 pixels, installed in common areas and increased influx of visitors, next to the area of restoration and crowning the children's area of the Center.

A differential of this screen is the addition of a system that allows both broadcast the television signal connecting a camera to record their own Center events and broadcast them live when required.

Airesur Seville shopping center

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By • 28 Feb, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, Business, dynamic Advertising