Millions of patients in this country have been registered for the appointment with your family doctor via a touch sensor Zytronic PCT, selected by Engage Health Systems to integrate it into your system Engage Touch.

Engage Health Systems Zytronic Zybridx

Engage Health Systems (formerly known as Wiggly-Amps), one of the leading suppliers of United Kingdom services oriented to the patient in the health sector, has chosen the capacitive touch sensors of Zytronic to enable these to perform check-in when they arrive at the medical consultation with your appointment, which have been supplied by dealer Display Technology.

As explains Jon Witte, CEO of Engage Health Systems, "our experience is based on the development of systems that facilitate the lives of patients and doctors. We are passionate about the development and installation of products that simplify, digitize and protect the workplace, helping to train their staff and patients, at the same time that streamline administrative tasks to achieve a profitable work environment and efficient".

The system for this part of Engage Touch. "When we create it - remember Witte - it was clear that a well designed touchscreen interface was essential to create a screen that would be easy and intuitive to use the large and diverse spectrum of patients who visit surgeries; those who have special needs, and even a limited English proficiency".

Engage Health Systems Zytronic Zybridx

Engage Touch vision was to allow patients register is quickly and conveniently to your appointment and help capture the data. With a kiosk for patient billing, practices prevent long queues at the reception and improve operational efficiency.

The considerations surrounding the choice of touch sensor was having to offer outstanding performance, with a quick, clear, crisp response even if the touch was hesitant. Also Engage Touch is built on demand, whether it is a single order placed by surgery or a large acquisition, so the supplier of touch screens needed to offer complete flexibility of supply and adapt to these requirements.

Engage Health Systems has created its own casing to Engage Touch, which adapts to the surgical environment and is easy to clean and disinfect with appropriate detergents. In collaboration with Display Technology, Zytronic designed and supplied the touch sensor Zybridx, with a size of 19 "and 3mm thick and anti-glare, combined with a ZXY100 driver from this manufacturer.

"Flexibility and responsiveness of Zytronic and the support of the screen throughout the process of design technology have been optimal. We believe in dealing with United Kingdom suppliers whenever possible, and they have fully demonstrated the value of this approach,"says Witte.

Currently, Engage Health Systems has more than 1,500 terminals operating in medical consultations around the country. "All the computers are delivered with a guarantee of by life and never have had a unit of return due to a problem with the touch - he says its director general;" even with situations in which are with scratches and have even ripped out them of the wall, touch screen is still running".

The manufacturer of sensors with this provider Association comes from Afar "and has been increasing during the past ten years - Ian Crosby, director of sales and marketing of Zytronic - points. They have developed and continually improved the software and our touch probes have provided a reliable, robust and flexible interface for patients and surgical staff can access the capabilities of this advanced terminal."

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By • 11 Mar, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display, Health