This advanced software management and analysis of multimedia content developed by ISID joins the proposal for the audiovisual wholesaler in Spain and Portugal.

ISID, videoma charmex

The distribution agreement between Charmex e ISID in the Iberian market has as protagonist Videoma, an advanced solution that allows you to capture, manage and analyze large amounts of multimedia content to a rate close to real time.

To do so, Videoma incorporates advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and analysis of content, allowing processing and cataloging automatically all information via transcripcionde audio to text, subtitles extraction and characters, as well as biometric facial recognition and voice, among others.

Currently, ISID customers use Videoma for a wide range of applications, such as monitoring of media for tracking brand or political analysis; recording and processing real-time live events (full, oral views, etc); Automatic cataloguing of audiovisual funds; monitoring of security cameras; recording of operating theatres, teaching activity... for sectors such as broadcast, public administration, education, health or public safety.

ISID, videoma charmexThe agreement with Charmex fits within the new program of ISID, called channel The EdgEwhich aims to offer the best experience of using their solutions through capillarity of a channel, comprised of partners added value in all geographies.

As part of this strategy, ISID value in each territory the figure of the authorized wholesaler, whose function is the support and boost the rest of the levels of that channel.

Santiago Verdú, CEO of Charmex, has expressed his satisfaction by "adding to our portfolio to a developer of the talent of ISID, which has always been committed to technological innovation, adapting and customising their products to the needs of each market." From now on, the channel can offer its customers efficient management of video, audio and image files".

Furthermore, the CSO of ISID, José Antonio Dotor, highlighted that "Charmex provides a high degree of specialization in our objective markets and represents the levels of excellence in training, communication and support to the customer".

As a result of this distribution agreement, in the coming months Charmex will offer several technical and commercial training sessions aimed at its distributor channel to deepen ISID solutions.

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By • 12 Mar, 2019
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