This multimedia decoder allows HDMI video extension from a remote source, up to 100 meters and with minimal latency, through direct connection cable or via Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Lightware vinx-110ap

With a compression of image quality, the multimedia decoder VINX-110AP HDMI developed by Lightware Visual Engineering scale and routed controllerless external simple and reliably, especially advantageous in applications of digital signage and video wall at shopping malls, corporate meetings, education sector, etc.

VINX-110AP is based on LAN AV over IP device to extend the HDMI video from a remote source to a local, connected to a direct connection cable CATx or a Gigabit Ethernet switch. The maximum distance of delivery can reach up to 100 meters, with minimal latency and a resolution of up to 3.840 × 2.160 @ 30 Hz with 7.1 audio.

Lightware VINX devices support IP address configurations, both static and dynamic (DHCP). Hundred Edid of factory and five user presets are stored in the decoder, and units have a band for the control.

Lightware vinx-110ap

The DIP switches on the front panel are used to perform the manual configuration to match a maximum of fifteen encoders decoders devices through the network, an advantage of quick and easy installation for signage applications Digital.

The system associates any number of devices using the built-in web control. Space & bezel compensation can adjust videowall configuration, while scaling is available on the side of the decoder and the videos can be freely cut.

With the help of the videowall VINX Wizard, the installation of this type of Visual systems can be reduced to a tenth of the usual time needed when other similar products on the market are used.

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By • 13 Mar, 2019
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