For events audiovisual solutions integrator has responded to the Visual needs of the concert halls and public areas during the recent edition of MWC in Barcelona, as well as other parallel events at some companies that have participated in this contest.

Power AV Huawei MWC2019The company Power OFF He has been commissioned to supply and install all the auditoriums audiovisual systems, both the principal as the side, during the recent celebration of MWC 2019 in Barcelona, as well as the common spaces according to the project manager by Apple Tree Communicationsas well as providing equipment and AV service to other companies, in the largest deployment made to date by this Integrator, with a team of over 100 professionals.

The main auditorium of the trade fair, which took place the opening ceremony, presentations and closing this international event of mobility, was equipped with a large screen Led of the new model Absent Polaris 2.9, which meant the use of 780 modules to cover 195 m2 (30 × 6, 5).

With a good quality picture on screen, controlling the content counted with the collaboration of specialist Mappscreen, what Christie Spyder X processor was used for 80, which could handle 22 million pixels, and two software Watchout multi-display systems of Dataton.

Power av mwc2019 absenIn the Auditorium A, opted for six projectors Panasonic PT-DZ21K (three of them to make the) blending the large central screen and the rest for backup). In the five remaining halls was ease of installation of projection.

In all of them, Power AV equipment was also the sound, lighting, broadcast, with a total of two hundred speakers of different type distributed by these spaces and some three hundred foci, along with dozens of microphones, monitors, cameras, etc.

In the Pavilion 4 common spaces (hallways, rest areas, corridors,...) Led screens and monitors were installed so visitors could follow the retransmission in streaming of the papers and presentations of the auditoriums.

In addition, Power AV has also equipped and given service to side events held during the event, as is the case with the multinational Chinese companies Huawei, which took place at the W hotel in Barcelona, according to the working by Creative Spirit.

For this event, four concert halls of the hotel and some rooms were equipped with a total of seven Led screens of different sizes, from a 14 × 4 meters until the smallest system located in the hallways, 3 × 2 meters, with a total of 170 m2 of Visual systems almost all model Absen 2,9.

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By • 14 Mar, 2019
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