In the fair World ATM Congress 2019, he has had some of its most representative sound systems, suitable for use in rooms of air traffic control and communications C3. These solutions include HME and HMD 46 II, HME and HMD 27, and HME 110 ATC/C3 lines.

Sennheiser, mark represented by Magnetron, has gone for the seventh consecutive year the international fair on air traffic, World ATM Congress 2019, to control it has celebrate at the Feria de Madrid)IFEMA), between 12 and 14 March.

The event, organized by Canso (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) in collaboration with ATCA (Air Traffic Control Association), welcomes the companies most important sector, arrivals from more than 130 countries, and gather officials of high rank and representatives of more than 80 air transportation, airports, airlines, government service providers, forces armed, etc.

Sennheiser has come to the fair to show their audio systems, which are especially suitable for control applications air as the family of a closed headset HME and HMD 27 series. A few teams that offer a high sound quality to the control room. Its lightweight design is able to offer a great passive noise attenuation, while used for long hours with comfort.

It has noise-canceling microphone to improve the intelligibility of speech, even in noisy environments; While the split headband of relieves the pressure on the top of the head for greater comfort.

It is also possible to choose the positioning of the microphone, on the right or left side. Sennheiser ActiveGard technology protects against possible acoustic lesions caused by unexpected sound spikes.

HME 110 ATC and HME 110

Stand also have failed to see the range of a closed headset HME 110 ATC/C3 with acoustic protection, which provides an excellent passive attenuation of noise for drivers traffic or C3 communications in environments particularly noisy.

Its noise-cancelling microphone ensures an optimal transmission of speech and both their pads and headband to the head are fully ergonomic.

The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted easily and handset volume control optimizes the sound on the fly, in the event that the acoustic conditions change.

Also, it is possible to choose between mono and stereo operation. Its design, adjustable and the different cable lengths, as well as connection options, make it the perfect system for any platform.

HME and HMD 46

Comprised of HME 46-II and HMD 46-II, this line of a headset with ActiveGard technology has been specifically designed for all applications of communication of control of air traffic and C3 (command, Control and communications).

The 46 series of signature-based, these models no longer have to comply with the demands of calibration of the pressure in the cabin, with implications for greater lightness and comfort. Its folding noise cancelling microphone offers an optimal voice transmission by filtering out ambient noise to ensure effective communication.

In addition to a custom through its double headband and his pads fit, it has different variants of microphone and comfort accessories that satisfy all preferences of the user.

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By • 14 Mar, 2019
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