For the recording of his latest work has used eight-channel USB audio interface and ASP880 microphone preamplifier Audient iD22.

Josh Molen Studio

Josh Molen He used 8-channel USB audio interface and ASP880 microphone preamplifier iD22 of Audient to record and mix their first album, C.H.A.D.. published under the moniker Your Sister Is A Werewolf.

Audient iD22Josh is no stranger to the inside of a study, since the life wins composing the music for shows in Netflix, Hulu, TLC & I.D. Discovery Channel. But three years ago was given account that wanted to write music, and that he liked to listen to yourself.

"I'm a big fan of music with synthesizers of the 80s films, but there isn't much demand for this type of music when you write programs for television." C.H.A.D. is a tribute to the 80s and is described online as "film music soaked of neon to your ears".

Audient ASP880 Audio-Technica

Josh used equipment Audient, mark which distributes Audio-Technica Iberiato strengthen creativity. "The ASP880 allowed me to connect multiple synthesizers and rhythm boxes, and create an environment of direct/jam for composing and capturing ideas. Many of the themes were recorded in this way to provide them with a touch of direct and spontaneous, with a few overdubs added later to give the final touch."

Josh Molen Studio

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By • 15 Mar, 2019
• Section: Audio, Study cases