Cinemas Odeon Sambil in Madrid are the first to offer an immersive with Led technology experience. The installed screen, with a size of 10, 2 × 5, 4 m, combines 4K resolution, contained HDR and a brightness level of up to 146fL.

Samsung Onyx in Odeon Sambil

Odeon Cinemas He has presented the first Spanish film that uses Led technology. This immersive experience is underway in the complex Odeon Sambil de Leganes in Madrid.

In this room an Onyx screen installed in Samsung, responding to a demand from the public who wants to enjoy the premieres of the film with the highest possible quality and also a new imperative in the display industry business to offer new innovative screens and with the latest technology in image.

"Odeon Sambil is one of the more technologically advanced complexes in Europe. She has a system of sound that reaches the 514 speakers and 217 amplifiers, being unique in Spain. In addition, Premium seats available in all its rooms and we are very pleased to add Onyx to our current offer", explains Luis Millán, CEO and founder of Odeon Cinemas.

Samsung Onyx in Odeon Sambil

Samsung Led Onyx Cinema screens offer a high level of contrast and black, with a brightness almost ten times higher than a traditional projection system, so it becomes the best option to enjoy a movie.

Onyx has 4K Led picture quality to the big screen, offering a picture immersive that makes viewers to live each scene as if they were in it.

On the other hand, Samsung Onyx offers all the versatility that today demand theaters, turning them into new cultural spaces that host other types of events such as screenings of live concerts, tournaments e-Sports or business presentations. The screen always maintains its visual configuration, regardless of the content, and fits a range of conditions of ambient light without interruptions.

Samsung Onyx in Odeon Sambil

The model installed on Odeon Sambil, with 10.2 meters wide and 5.4 tall, combines 4K resolution, supports HDR content and has a maximum brightness of 146fL.

In the presentation that have been Odeon Cinemas and Samsung has shown in format EclairColor HDR the premiere of revenge under zero, the new film starring actor Liam Neeson.

The film is directed by the Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland and featuring interpretations of the actresses Laura Dern and Emmy Rossum. This action with touches of black humor thriller premiering on May 10 in the hand of A countercurrent Films cinemas, and will be seen in cinemas Odeon Sambil HDR version.

Samsung Onyx in Odeon Sambil

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By • 15 Mar, 2019
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