Increase the commitment of the audience, with both information and advertising campaigns, and boost the return on investment through digital signage are achievements of ENO after installing the solution from this manufacturer.

ENO tripleplay interlink vision

Located in the emblematic and Central Coliseum Theatre in London, the English National Opera (English National Opera- ENO) attracts thousands of people each year for the quality of its repertoire, staging and acoustics.

In order to cater to this audience and new music fans, keeping it informed of events, shows and other activities programming, its makers have opted to replace eight static and printed boards that were located in the facade of the theatre and, with a digital and dynamic communication tool improve its relationship with current and future fans to theatre, music and culture in general.

ENO tripleplay interlink visionENO managers hired to Interlink Visiona United Kingdom independent Integrator, to advise them on the best digital platform for its facilities; a solution that would allow them to be more flexible in reporting on upcoming dates and activities, with a focus on advertising and attract the public.

Geoff Summerton, director of operations at the Coliseum Theatre, explains that "we had many problems when it comes to delivering messages, with high costs of printing, and advertising on our upcoming events, seasons, etc., and we needed to make this a priority in our digital strategy, and Tripleplay It seemed to be the most easy to use and expand platform".

ENO tripleplay interlink visionIn particular, ENO, Intelink Vision and Tripleplay have worked together on this project, with the installation of professional screens of NEC Display inside the lobby of the theater, complete with four screens Viewpresent, 1.7 meters high and autolimpiales, located at outside entrances.

For Carolyn Sims, Director of marketing and engagement with audience, recalls that "one of the problems with the printed solution was that, obviously, not we could schedule multiple messages for ENO when our visitors companies were in the building, since" They contractually required 75% of advertising posters. With Tripleplay we provide an enhanced shopping experience and maintain the coverage of programmes and opera productions with dynamic content into playlists".

In addition to these opportunities, "we wanted to set specific messages on the screens for special guests and visitors. To the time we promote ENO, also offers information about the company ", says Sims.

The creation of playlists, programming and event triggers allow you create, load, and add content easily tailored in different areas of the theatre, directed viewers of that night.

The number of necessary printed materials declined greatly through the use of TripleSign digital signage, and employees can load content relevant in the correct playlists so that visitors can see it on the screens, both inside and outside of the theater, which translates into savings and a tangible ROI.

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By • 18 Mar, 2019
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